Shifts Management


Sometimes during peak hours we might need your extra help.

If you are willing to extend your shift for another 30 minutes, you can indicate this in your APP at the start of your shift. Just use this toggle!

You can always let us know during your shift as well by using this toggle.


When your shift is successfully extended, you will receive a notification and the shift end time will be adjusted. 


Shift adjustments are fully automated, so you don’t need to reach out to Rider Service as they don’t have access to this. 

Frequently asked questions





可以,當你的更份已成功延長,要求更份延長的按鈕會轉至「關閉」。你可以再按一次 , 以示「開啓」功能,而系統會再次決定會否自動延長你的更份。​




Why do I not receive any notifications after choosing to extend my shifts?

Whether or not your shifts are to be extended, it depends entirely on our demand at the time. If you do not receive any notification/there is no adjustment made to the ending time of your shift, this means your request is rejected.

Could I request for a second shift extension?

Yes, after your shift has been successfully extended, the toggle will appear to be 'OFF'. You can simply switch that to 'ON' and your request will be processed once again.

Will it affect my scoring if I decided to take a break during the extended 30 minutes? ​

No, this function of automated shift extension will neither account for planned nor actual hours. Hence your scoring will NOT be affected.