Fill in the bank details

 During the on-boarding session,

you will need to type in the bank account for your salary.


Please carefully fill in the 

  1. Account Holder's Full Name (this must be you);

  2. Bank Name;

  3. Branch Code; and

  4. Account Number. 


You will also need to provide a valid proof,

e.g. your bank card/ bank statement, with all the above details stated on it.  

Bank Codes and Bank Names:

003 Standard Chartered

004 HSBC

009 China Construction Bank

012 Bank of China

014 Bank of China

015 The Bank of East Asia

016 DBS Bank

018 China Citic

020 Wing Lung Bank

024 Hang Seng Bank

025 Shanghai Commercial Bank

026 (BOC) Bank of China

027 Bank of Communications

028 Public Bank

030 (BOC) Bank of China

031 (BOC) Bank of China

033 (BOC) Bank of China

036 (BOC) Bank of China

039 Chiyu Bank

040 Dah Sing Bank

041 Chong Hing Bank

043 Nanyang Commercial Bank

064 (BOC) Bank of China

128 Fubon Bank

250 Citibank

382 Bank of Communications

Branch Codes and Account Number: