Clarification on Insurance Plan Coverage Summary

photo_2022-08-16 11.22.40.jpeg

After reviewing the coverage of the free insurance (Group Accidental Personal Insurance & Public Liability Insurance) that we offer to every fleet member, we found inaccurate or incomplete descriptions within the current coverage summary regarding the ‘Period of Insurance’ that led to miscommunication. The ‘Period of Insurance’ eligible for coverage has always referred to the entire period from the beginning of your shift until the end of your shift, and not just when an order is received (as the previous coverage description incorrectly suggested). We have been working with the insurance company to clarify the description and have made the below amendments (with no change made to the actual coverage protection and offering):


1. This Coverage is provided to you free of charge since the date of joining. 

2. This Coverage applies to active independent contractors of foodpanda who are 16 – 80 years of age, have signed an effective Independent Contractor Service Agreement, and have agreed to provide delivery services and own an effective Independent Contractor account. Coverage only applies in the event a courier’s Rider ID is on shift (i.e. once the Rider ID is online on the Rider App). The Coverage shall cease when the courier is off shift (i.e. once the Rider ID is offline on the Rider App). For the avoidance of doubt, any third party’s unauthorized use of the account on the Rider App without any prior consent and/or authorisation from foodpanda shall not be insured for the purposes of this insurance coverage.


Kindly refer to for the details, and create a ticket via rider app for further enquiries.