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Deposit Proof Submission

Steps to create a ticket

  1. Open rider app and press the menu button ( the 3 lines at the top left corner)

  2. Choose “Rider Support”

  3. Choose "Submit a ticket"

  4. Fill in the mandatory information and submit the ticket

Ticket Content
  1. Choose “Cash Collection” for first option

  2. Choose “ Daily Cash Collection” for more specific option

  3. Input COD amount as subject [omit dollar sign]

  4. Input the date and time of deposit in the description box [Format: DDMMYYY HHMM (24 hours)]

  5. Attach the deposit receipt and click “Submit”

Valid Deposit Receipt

A valid deposit receipt must clearly show:

1.      Amount

2.     Transaction date

3.     Transaction time

Artboard 937_2x.png
Example 1

COD amount: $1234.5

Date of deposit: 8th September 2020

Time of deposit: 9:59 pm

Subject: 1234.5

Description: 08092020 2159



  1. You can only submit one transaction proof per ticket. If you have more than one transaction proof, you will need to create another ticket.

  2. You can only choose "Daily cash collection" when you inform the Finance Team. For other issues, please select the appropriate category.

  3. Do NOT send your deposit proof to or it will be missed. The email is the FPS account instead of submission channel.

  4. Your COD deposit will be deducted from rider app Wallet in 2 -3 working days.

  5. If the information required is not correctly input, it might lead to delays in handling time. foodpanda HK is not responsible or liable for any loss of any kind incurred as a result of incorrect/invalid information provided by the courier.

Example 2

COD amount: $3698

Date of deposit: 3rd September 2020

Time of deposit: 1:35pm

Subject: HK$3698

Description: 03.09.2020.13.35pm


Subject: HK$3698

Description: 03.09.2020.13.35pm 


Subject: 3698

Description: 03092020 1335

New COD return flow (pandapage).png


Example 3

COD amount: $2500

Date of deposit: 22th October 2020

Time of deposit: 9:24am

Subject: COD

Description: COD


Subject: COD 

Description: COD


Subject: 2500

Description: 22102020 0924

New COD return flow (pandapage).png


On-Demand Payout

Go to  "On-demand Payout" page to know how the rider app wallet balance calculates your service fees and COD together and how to avoid account suspension

Auto Account Unblock

1) Make deposits and inform the Finance Team following the guideline above.

2)When your rider app wallet balance is updated, your account will automatically be unblocked by the system.


You DO NOT need to visit our offices for unblocking your account.

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