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foodpanda aims to provide our customers with the best delivery services, and every one of our couriers represents the image of foodpanda while delivering. Therefore we take rider compliance very seriously. 

Please find below some of the compliance issues we have identified. However, the list is not exhaustive and we monitor and will take actions against any kind of non-compliant behaviour. 


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If we identify any other inappropriate or dishonest behaviours, they will also be considered compliance issues and actions will be taken accordingly. These will include but not be limited to account suspension or termination.

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Tips 提示


Clicked-through orders

You should strictly follow the delivery procedures: Pressing “picked-up” only when you have successfully picked up the order at vendors or “completed” after you have delivered to the customer and collected the money if it is a COD order.

Wrong orders

You should make sure that the order has the receipt with the correct order code attached, verify and pick up correct orders from the vendor or hand the correct one to the customers accordingly when you have more than one order at a time. Please refer to the instructions on page "Order delivery".

Not using thermal bag

Employed couriers must use foodpanda branded thermal bags while self-employed couriers should always use a quality thermal bag during delivery for hygiene and safety reasons.

Delaying order completion intentionally

If you do not want to receive another order for some emergency matters, you can take a break by using the “on-demand break” function in Roadrunner to avoid incoming orders.


You should follow instructions provided by the vendor staff within the premises, maintain good behaviour and attitude, show respect during interactions with every stakeholder.

Delayed COD replayment

You should return COD money before your Roadrunner account is automatically suspended by the system. Please find more details on this page: COD Submission.

Not following road safety guidelines

You should always follow road safety guideline. Please click the page for more details.

Provide misleading information

You should provide factual information to Operations Team, Rider Service Team, vendor staff and customers at all times.

Customer privacy invasion

Customers’ contact should be used for delivery purposes only. If you need to text the customer, the only acceptable channel is the Rider Customer chat available in Roadrunner.

Self-placed orders

You must not place orders while being on shifts even if it is your family members who use your account to place orders for themselves.

No show (swap shifts)

Self-employed couriers can take shifts at their own will but always make sure you can attend the shift before taking it.

Missing/Altering GPS

You must enable accurate GPS function throughout your shifts and make sure your phone is connected to the internet for smoother delivery.

Proof of delivery

Always provide valid Proof of delivery as instructed.

Spilled orders

Make sure the orders are packed safely before leaving the vendor and handle them carefully, especially orders with drinks or soups.

Sharing the account with third parties

Only the registered account holder should operate the account at all times.





確認訂單紙袋上有釘好相對應的收據,以確保你所提取的是正確的訂單,從商戶提取正確訂單及確保在送遞多於一張訂單時交收正確訂單予客人。詳情請參閱「 送遞訂單」頁面。


送遞員於上線期間 不能使用平台訂購服務,包括其家人使用同一帳號下單。


自僱送遞員可自由選擇更分,但提取「交換」更份前 請確保你能夠出席


受僱送遞員必須使用 foodpanda 保溫袋、自僱送遞員需在更份期間 時刻使用保溫袋以確保訂單衛生及食物安全。


如你因有急事而不想收到新訂單,請使用Roadrunner内「 自行更份暫停」功能,則可避免接到新訂單。






在系統自動封鎖帳號前歸還現金訂單的款項(COD),詳情請參考連結: 歸還COD


請時刻謹守道路安全指引 。點擊文章以閱讀更多。




客人聯絡資料 只作送遞用途。如你需以訊息聯絡客人,你只可使用程式內的 即時聊天室