In light of the continuation of the pandemic outbreak, to further promote healthy social distance, we continue to encourage customers to switch to online payments and use Contactless Delivery method. Customers can request their orders to be dropped off at any designated spot, minimizing direct contact.

Please be reminded of the following:


1. Check the "Deliveries" page on rider app to see if "Contactless Delivery" is requested.

  • If yes, please use the Rider-Customer Chat to reconfirm with the customers of their requested drop-off points;

  • [For paid orders only] If not, always check with customers through rider-customer chat if they are willing to use the contactless delivery method


2. Once you arrive, inform the customer via Rider-Customer Chat;


3. Drop off the order at the spot requested by the customer, and take a valid picture as Proof Of Delivery

4.  Click “Dropped off” in rider app

  • If the network is unstable (e.g. inside an elevator), we suggest you take the picture first and upload it only when the network is resumed.

  • The Proof of Delivery picture taken by you will be stored regardless of network instability.


Please always make sure to wear a well-fitted surgical mask, wash your hands and use hand sanitizer at all times. Also, you must use clean thermal bags throughout your shift to ensure food safety. Stay healthy

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