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To protect you from unfair disputes related to “Customer Never Received order issues”, “Wrong Order issues” or “Spillage issues”, we encourage you to make good use of the Proof of Delivery feature. Before you drop off any order, you will see a “Take a photo” instruction on the drop-off screen on the rider app. 


Please make sure you follow the guidelines listed in the panda page ( to upload a valid proof and especially when you are delivering orders to buildings with higher risks or confirmed cases,and when performing contactless deliveries: 


  • The proof of delivery (POD) should be a clear picture of the order (with the entire order package with receipt), and showing the background with the lobby/building, receptions, or other places that are recognizable and ideally to include the notice regarding the confirmed case as well. 

  • Please ALWAYS contact and provide pictures to the Rider Service Team that the order is going to be placed in the lobby or a safe place.  


  •  After delivering the order, please inform the customer through rider-customer chat or call to inform the customer where the order is placed.

This way, we will be able to confirm that you delivered the correct order to the correct location.

POD for high risk area_edited.jpg

* Please note that the above arrangement is only applied to the buildings with confirmed cases but NOT ALL buildings in the same estate. For the buildings without confirmed cases, you still need to deliver to the doorstep as usual.

** For orders delivering to hospitals, you only need to deliver to the lobby and inform customers where the order is placed.

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