Fallback Value Adjustment

photo_2022-07-27 15.54.25.jpeg

We noticed that there is a system error that a small amount of orders cannot show the exact order service fee on the acceptance screen. Beginning from 26/07/2022, if you see an order showing estimated earning is $5.55, no worries! It is a fallback amount, not the actual service fee. Please follow below simple steps to check the actual service fee after completing the order.


Step 1: Go to “Wallet” tab in rider app

Step 2: Look for the related order 

Step 3: See the actual service fee paid to your “Wallet”


- If you see the paid amount is $5.55, no worries! We will proactively recalculate and adjust service fee for all impacted cases weekly. The actual service fee will be paid back fully with the extra paid $5.55 fallback amount as compensation.


- If you see the paid amount is NOT $5.55, it means the service fee was adjusted with the correct amount and paid to your “Wallet” automatically by system.


Important Notes

1. The first fallback value adjustment payout will be 08/08/2022 (for all orders impacted between 26/07/2022 & 06/08/2022) and adjustment will happen on every Monday along with other service fee adjustments until the problem is completely resolved.


2. You may keep records of order details for future reference, but there is no need to create tickets for each specific event, since we will be analyzing each affected order proactively.