New Distance Component Calculation Method

photo_2022-09-26 20.03.34.jpeg

We are extremely pleased to announce the launch of the new distance component calculation method supported by Google Maps, which will measure the actual distance traveled instead of the Manhattan length from this week onwards. The new distance calculation method will provide a more accurate, more transparent, and fairer service fee scheme to the fleet, with no change on the base (minimum) order service fee for any zones or vehicle. As with any new function launch, we highly welcome and encourage you to share your feedback with us by raising a ticket to Rider Support via the rider app, so that we can continuously monitor the performance and ensure the roll-out is as smooth as possible.


Below are a few key points of the new delivery distance calculation method:


- This new method, supported by Google Maps will vastly improve distance accuracy as it measures the actual distance traveled instead of the previous Manhattan length calculation.

- Where there are multiple paths available, the route suggested by Google Maps will be used for our service fee calculation.

-Stack order service fees will also be more accurate and fair by measuring the actual distance traveled of each journey that happens between different pickup locations (on stacked orders).

*Please refer to the image above for the Current vs. New Stack Orders Distance Calculation Methods

- This new method is not yet applicable to canceled orders (including orders canceled after pick up and return trip to vendor) at the moment (i.e. canceled orders will still be using Manhattan distance). The system will be updated soon whereby Google Maps’ actual distance traveled will also be applicable to canceled orders. 


Since this new function will be able to eliminate distance calculation inaccuracies, the manual adjustments previously implemented to compensate for distance discrepancies will no longer be necessary and will cease upon the deployment of the new function including:


1. Distance discrepancy payment adjustments

2. Opposite direction compensation for same-vendor stacked orders

3. Victoria Peak special incentives


Please also refer to the above images carefully and visit our panda page ( to learn more. Again, please do not hesitate to reach out to Rider Support should you encounter any problems.


Stay safe and happy delivery!