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New Peak Hour
Announcement Schedule

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Starting today 04/04/2022, we decided to simplify the incentives framework by standardizing the communication of all peak hours and panda quest service fees and announcing them together on the same day. The objective is to generate one consolidated weekly document containing all service fee information for the following week, making it easier to refer to and more transparent to keep track of all the requirements, duration, and amounts.

Instead of announcing the Peak Hour service fees on Mondays, upgraded Peak Hour on Thursdays, and weekend panda quests on Fridays, we will provide detailed information regarding all incentives in the same message and on the same day:

1. Every Monday: a simplified list of Peak Hour Hot Zones will be announced and will indicate some of the highest-paid areas of the coming week (Saturday, Sunday, and the following weekdays), providing information so you can plan your shifts schedule for the next week;

2. Every Thursday: the detailed amount of the Peak Hour service fees covering all entitled zones as well as the detailed amount of the weekend panda quest will be announced together.

Please refer to the picture above for a clearer illustration. Since the Peak Hour Service Fees for the coming weekend (09-10/04/2022) has already been announced last week ( ), please also refer to the picture above for the Peak Hour Hot Zones for next week weekdays (11-15/04/2022) only.

Lastly, while we still have both lunch and dinner peak hours everyday, the dinner peak hour, which had been temporarily extended for one hour in the beginning of March, will resume back to 18:00-20:00. Please note the above changes before you take the shifts this week. Thank you.

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