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Rider tipping

You can now see if you've been tipped by customers in your rider app!

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Self-service tool

You can save more time on delivery by using our self-service tool to solve your problems!



You can now redispatch any accepted orders (if needed) with few clicks!


Rider Customer Chat

You can start a chat with customer during delivery!

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Proof of delivery

For a selected number of vendors, you may need to provide a proof of delivery, click on the above button to check out more!


On-demand Shift Cancellation

Depending on market demand, your swapped shift may be cancelled by system!


Automated Shifts Extension

You can now request for shift extension in your RR status screen!


Return instruction for
cancelled orders

You are now able to see clear instructions in Roadrunner for returning cancelled pandamart orders!

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Showing locations with higher order volume in Roadrunner map!


On-demand Break

You can now put yourself on break during shifts!