Notice Board

General Reminder

Hey, Pandas👋 ! The health and safety of our couriers and customers are our top priority. To ensure your wellbeing, we have implemented a series of coping measures within this difficult time.

To remind you all of personal hygiene and some special arrangements during deliveries, we have gathered relative information below.

Contactless Delivery

We have launched "Contactless Delivery" in early 2020 to protect the safety and health of our fleets and customers. Feel free to refresh your memory from time to time!

Click the button below to check more on contactless delivery

Special Arrangement

If you encounter any of the 3 situations listed below, please do not hesitate to inform the Operations Team by creating a ticket through Rider Support within Roadrunner, so we can follow up on your situation:

  1.  If you find yourself suffering with cold-like symptoms such as fever and cough, (you are also advised to visit the clinic as soon as possible);

  2. If you are testing for Covid-19 and are awaiting the results; and

  3. if you are tested positive/negative for Covid-19.