What is it? 

It is a function to request for breaks yourself and you no longer need to go through rider service. You have break options of 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes and till the end of shifts!

How to request a break during shift in rider app?


From 11 August 2021, we have moved the break request button to every relevant category inside our Self-service Tool. Check out the page to see how you could access to this function! 

How long is your break?

  1. Select break duration and click Send 

  2. Wait for confirmation and you’re all set!

Frequently asked questions 常見問題


Does requesting for a break affect my batch?

Requesting for a break can affect the Actual vs Planned component of your rider batch. You will receive a higher score if your attendance matches your shift bookings. Click here to learn more about your Rider Batch.

If I was notified with an order but I requested shift break anyway, will it affect my acceptance rate?

Acceptance rate will be affected if you fail to accept/reject a notified order. Therefore, in this case, your acceptance rate may be affected. For more details regarding how acceptance rate could affect your scoring, please visit " Score-based Scheduling Model".





如你沒有接受/拒絕訂單均會影響接單率 在這個情況下,你的接單率是 有機會受影響的。 ​有關接單率如何影響你的評分,請參考「 評分編更模式」頁面。