We understand that sometimes you may have some last minute plans and are unable to attend your shifts.


Depending on real-time market demand, if you have decided to swap your shift, the shift may be automatically cancelled by the system.


Therefore you do not need to wait for another courier to take your shift.

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Please note that you cannot swap or cancel your shift 30 minutes prior to your shift starting.

Frequently asked questions 常見問題


Why hasn’t my shift got cancelled after I pressed “Offer Swap”?

On-demand Shift Cancellation function is based on real-time market demand, which means if the demand in the area of your shift is high, the system will not cancel your shift.

After my shift got cancelled, will my Actual VS Planned (AP) hours be affected?

No. Once your shift gets cancelled, your planned hour of the shift will be zero and therefore will not affect your AP hours component of scoring.