You may find the necessary information about order delivery in this page!

Make sure you have read this page thoroughly before delivering. 


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General information 

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Tips on Correct Order Pick-up

The first step of delivering any orders is to always check whether you have picked up the correct assigned order. You can double check by matching the ORDER CODE on the receipt with your rider app.

Please refer to the picture on the left for details.

Being a foodpanda courier, you will receive a fair share of COD orders.

Refer to the information below to know more about it!


COD Orders

1. How to Distinguish COD Orders from Paid Orders?

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2. How to Report COD Discrepancy

There will be a chance that the amount you have collected from the customer is different from the one shown in rider app (either the customer insisted on giving a different amount or collected by mistake). 

Don't worry, simply follow the instructions below before you complete the order.

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3. What to do after collecting money from customer?

Cash (excluding tips) collected from customers is the property of foodpanda and couriers are required to return such money by making deposits.

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Since 12th October, 2020, we have launched the new COD submission flow, please see the brief tutorial for COD submission flow in the poster and for details please visit the page of COD Submission.