Panda Story #1

Resham's Appreciation


We always believe that the best of our couriers comes from within. 


A few months back, a customer ordered our service on foodpanda and accidentally paid in cash again while he actually had paid by credit card already. It came to his surprise that the courier did not take advantage of this opportunity to keep the “tips“; he instead went back and gave the money back to the customer. This courier is Resham, the customer then posted a public note, showing his appreciation towards Resham and notified our CEO, Arun, and emphasized that experience like this has restored his faith in humanity. 


As an act of recognition and appreciation, Arun and our Operations Director, Pedro, treated him to dinner in a traditional Indian restaurant and had an overall heart-warming evening. 


We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation and how much we value integrity in our community. We consider work ethics one of the most important elements we see in couriers as this will be directly reflected in their performance and overall benefits the brand of our company. 


Hope you all will get inspired by Resham’s story and let’s spread positive vibes to the world out there.