Redispatch Rules Update

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Hi foodpanda fleet!


We have recently received multiple reports of couriers abusing the redispatch feature to avoid taking breaks, more specifically, the "Late order preparation" reason to artificially inflate their acceptance rates and actual vs planned.


You are allowed to decline specific orders that you don't wish to deliver, request a break when you are temporarily unavailable, and redispatch orders when you face any issue, but we noticed that some couriers have been abusing the feature to avoid putting themselves on break and have been selecting the "Late order preparation" reason regardless of whether the vendor is late or not.


Incorrectly using the redispatch function could prolong customer waiting time, leading to the system failing to collect accurate vendor preparation time data, thus, making inaccurate estimations, ultimately negatively affecting customers' and other couriers’ experience.


Following such reports, we would like to announce a few changes to the redispatch feature aimed at avoiding abuses and offering a fairer work environment for the whole fleet:


- The "Late order preparation" reason has been disabled for pandamart orders, since they are only dispatched once the packing process is finished, meaning that there will be no delays on preparation anymore. Couriers can still redispatch these orders using the “Order issue” button if necessary;


- Couriers that select the "Late order preparation" reason when not physically present at the vendor will be subject to compliance actions. Couriers that want to use this specific reason need to be present at the vendor;


- Starting from tomorrow, couriers that redispatch more than 3 orders within 2 hours will be put on a 15 minutes break. Please put yourself on break if you are not able to work or decline the orders that you don’t want to deliver.


We would like to thank couriers who used their time to express their concerns about this issue and kindly ask the whole fleet to use the redispatch feature responsibly and fairly.


Thank you for your cooperation.