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Courier Stories Collection -
Another side of me

We believe every member of our fleet has their own story beyond their role as a courier. Let us know your story and how you switch between being a foodpanda courier and other roles. You and your story could be the main character of our next promotional video and stand a chance to be rewarded up to HK$10,000*! 


Submission Method

Fill out the form below with your personal information and your story.

Submission Deadline

19th June 2022 23:59:59

*Terms and conditions

  1. This event is only eligible for Batch 1-4 & 6  foodpanda Hong Kong couriers.

  2. Only couriers who have submitted their stories and have been selected will be eligible for the Reward (as defined below).

  3. The story submitted must be authentic, originally written by yourself and have never been published. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited and will lead to disqualification.

  4. All stories must not contain or embed any URL link that:

    i. is pornographic, sexually explicit, obscene or is indecent;

    ii. portrays or promotes violence, dangerous stunts or illegal activities;

    iii. contains private, sensitive or confidential information of the participant or others;

    iv. contains unlawful, harmful, threatening, derogatory, defamatory, libellous, tortuous, misleading or any otherwise objectionable content;

    v. portrays or promotes discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation; or

    vi. promotes bigotry, racism, hatred or harm against any group or individual;

    vii. is generated through robotic or programmed attempts exploiting all possible combinations.

    • ​​​If entries submitted by participants are found to include any of the above  elements or are otherwise inappropriate and/or offensive, they will be disqualified.

  5. There will be follow up requirements on couriers who have submitted stories, including but not limited to video production, photo taking, media interview, etc.  

  6. There will be 2 rounds of judging.  For any stories who have been selected in the first round, the couriers shall each receive HK$5,000 (“First Round”).  Among the stories selected in the First Round, any stories who have been selected to the second round, the couriers shall each receive another HK$5,000 (collectively “Reward”).

  7. Your personal information collected will be held by us and strictly used for this event and promotion purposes only. We will not provide your personal data to third parties for direct marketing or other unrelated purposes without your consent.

  8. The decisions of the judges in foodpanda Hong Kong are final and irrevocable. 

  9. foodpanda Hong Kong reserves the final right to suspend, modify or terminate this event and/or any of the terms and conditions without prior notice. In case of dispute, the decision of foodpanda Hong Kong shall be final. 


photo_2022-07-27 12.33.40.jpeg

Updated: 23/07/2022


Thank you for all the submission of your interesting and inspiring stories and we had read through each and every one of them! 


We have selected 10 couriers to feature their story in our promotional materials (as shown in the picture above)  and will contact them individually for the next steps. 


Thank you once again for your participation and stay tuned for our future events! 

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