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Starting from 6 December 2021, to make sure our most dedicated couriers are treated fairly, a scoring system is designed to evaluate your performance. Your scoring will be updated in rider app every week, looking into your statistics over past weekYour performance is calculated based on three aspects as shown below.

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Actual VS Planned Hours 實際與計劃時數


No impact on your score

Early clock-in: if you clock in 30 minutes before your shift starts Shift extension: if you extend your shift on rider app/you complete the last order after the planned end time > these have no impact on your Actual nor Planned Hours, therefore these extra hours will not 'compensate' the missing hours in other shifts.

Decreasing your score

  • Lateness: if you clock in later than the planned start time
  • Break: if you request a break on rider app or are being put on break due to other issues
  • Early clock-out: if you request to end your shift earlier
  • No show: if you do not attend your shift
> your Actual Hours will be affected while your Planned Hours remain unchanged, therefore decreasing your score.

Taking shifts that have already started

  • Already-started shift: the start time will be automatically adjusted to five minutes after the time you take the shift. For example, at 6 pm you take a shift which already started at 5:45 pm, the new shift start time will become 6:05 pm.
> if you clock in on time (in this case before 6:05 pm), there will be no impact on on your score. > if you are late (in this case after 6:05 pm), it will decrease your score.

Offering your shifts (Swaps)

  • Shift offering: if you offer your shifts for other couriers to take
> if you are able to find another courier to take your shift, there will be no impact on your score. > if you are not able to find a replacement, it will decrease your score.



  • 提早打卡:如你在更份前 30 分鐘打卡
  • 更份延長:如你在 rider app 自行延長更份/計劃更份完結時間後完成最後訂單
> 這些情況下均不會影響你的實際或計劃時數,因此這些額外的時數並不能補回在其他更份沒有出席的時數。


  • 遲到:如你在計劃更份開始時間後打卡
  • 更份暫停:如你在 rider app 自行暫停更份/因其他問題而被暫停更份
  • 提早完結更份:如你要求提早完結更份
  • 缺席:如你沒有出席已提取的更份
> 在這些情況下,即使計劃時數沒有改變,但實際時數會減少,因此亦會令評分下降。


  • 已開始的更份:更份開始時間將自動調整為你提取更份後的五分鐘。例如,於傍晚 6 時,你提取已於 5 時 45 分開始的更份, 該更份的計劃開始時間將改為 6 時 05 分。
> 如你準時打卡(在這例子中:6 時 05 分前),並不會影響你的評分。 > 如你遲了打卡(在這例子中:6 時 05 分後),則會降低你的評分。


  • 交換更份:如你提出你的更份讓其他送遞員提取
> 如有另一位送遞員提取了你的更份,並不會影響你的評分。 > 如沒有送遞員提取你的更份,而你未能出席,則會降低你的評分。

Depending on your scoring, you will then be put in 1 of the 4 batches and be able to take open shifts accordingly. The higher you score, the high batch you will be in, and then the earlier you can take open shifts. The below picture shows you the corresponding timestamps.


However, if your performance is not up to the fleet’s standard or if you have violated service guidelines including but not limited to not using thermal bags, accumulation of COD money or being complained by customers and vendor staff members, your account might be suspended and therefore you will fail to score higher in these scoring components, resulting in taking open shifts later than the majority of the fleet.

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Frequently Asked Questions 常見問題


Should I still apply for absences on the rider app to avoid no-show?

Under the new scoring set-up, "no-show" is no longer one of the scoring components since the Actual VS Planned Hours will already take into consideration your attendance. For self-employed couriers, you do not need to apply for absences to excuse your "no-show" of your shift. To avoid your scoring being affected, you are strongly encouraged to take shifts ONLY if you know you can attend the shifts accordingly or ask your friends to take your swap instead.

How is my Acceptance Rate (AR) affected?

Within every service cycle, your AR would be affected by:

  1. Declining and/or self-redispatching an order;
  2. Missing an order;
  3. An order being overdue (not accepting/ declining it); and
  4. An order being undispatched from you (excluding customer or vendor related cancellations)
Kindly ensure that your phone connection is running well to avoid missing orders.


我需要在 rider app 內申請缺席,以避免有「無故缺席」的紀錄嗎?

在這個新設立的評分準則,「無故缺席」已從評分項目中剔除,但「實際與計劃時數比較」亦會考慮到你的出席率。 ​ 自僱送遞員無須再申請缺席去抵銷你的「缺席」。為避免影響你的評分,我們強烈建議你於肯定你能出席更份的情況下,才提取更份,或查看有沒有其他送遞員提取你未能出席更份。



  1. 1. 拒絕或 / 及自行轉走的訂單;
    2. 漏接訂單;
    3. 逾時未接訂單(沒有接受 / 拒絕訂單); 及
    4. 任何從你帳號轉走的訂單(因商戶或客人而導致取消的訂單除外)