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To ensure a more fair reflection on couriers’ performance, the following adjustments will be made to the scoring criteria:

  1. Adding a new scoring component: “Deliveries” (accounts for 10%) to the current scoring criteria
    *Comparing your number of completed orders to total number of completed orders (Hong Kong wide) within different periods of the day

  2. Weighting of “Actual VS Planned Hours” reduced from 35% to 25%

  3. Scoring period will be extended from 1 week to 2 weeks, meaning that your batch will be updated every other Monday 
    *The first scoring period under this new criteria will calculate your performance between 20/03/2023 - 02/04/2023, and your batch will be updated on 03/04/2023 (Monday)  

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Score-based Scheduling Model
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Important Notes

Early clock-in or late clock-out will NOT change your planned hours, hence will NOT be included in AvP nor SH


Hours lost for late clock-in, break or early clock-out can not be compensated by starting shifts earlier or delaying the last order of a shift.

Planned hours can be extended by clicking “Automated Shift Extension”

If you have taken 2 nearby shifts and you wish the gap hour between 2 shifts to be calculated in performance scoring, please turn on the “Shift Extension” toggle in the first shift, planned hours will be extended so that the gap hour that is being covered will hence be counted into the AvP and SH (if applicable) calculation.

Factors that can decrease your score

  1. Lateness: clock in later than the planned shift start time

  2. Break: request a break on rider app or are being put on break due to other issues

  3. Early clock-out: request to end your shift earlier

  4. No show: not attend your shift

Under such circumstances, your score will be lower due to the loss of Actual Hours while your Planned Hours remain unchanged.

Offering your shifts (Swaps)

Swap means offering your taken shifts for other couriers to take

  • If you are able to find another courier to take your shift, the successfully swapped shift hours will not be counted as Planned Hours.

  • If you are not able to find a replacement, it will decrease your score.

Taking shifts that have already started

The start time will be automatically adjusted to five minutes after the time you take the shift. 


For example, at 6 pm you take a shift which already started at 5:45 pm, the new shift start time will become 6:05 pm.


  • If you clock in on time (in this case before 6:05 pm), there will be no impact on your score.

  • If you are late (in this case after 6:05 pm), it will decrease your score.

Factors of Actual VS Planned Hours
Batch & Shift taking

Depending on your scoring, you will then be put into different batches and be able to take open shifts accordingly. The higher you score, the higher batch you will be in, and then the earlier you can take open shifts. The below picture shows you the corresponding timestamps.

However, if your performance is not up to the fleet’s standard or if you have violated service guidelines including but not limited to not using thermal bags, accumulation of COD money or being complained by customers and vendor staff members, your account might be suspended and therefore you will fail to score higher in these scoring components, resulting in taking open shifts later than the majority of the fleet.

Batch & Schedule
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