Score-based Scheduling Model

To make sure our most dedicated couriers are treated fairly, a scoring system is designed to evaluate your performance.


Every 2 weeks your scoring will be updated in Roadrunner,  looking into your performance over the previous 2 weeks.

Your performance is calculated based on two aspects, including

1) Actual VS Planned Hours (50%) and 2) Special Hours (50%). Refer to the picture below for a detailed explanation of each scoring component, especially Actual VS Planned Hours.

AP EN.png

Depending on your scoring, you will then be put in 1 of the 4 batches and be able to take open shifts accordingly. The higher you score, the higher batch you are in, the earlier you can take open shifts. The below picture shows you the corresponding timestamps.


However, if your performance is not up to the fleet’s standard or if you are found with other compliance issues including but not limited to not using thermal bags, delaying the submission of COD money or being complained by customers and vendor staff members, your account might be suspended and therefore you will fail to score higher in these scoring components, resulting in taking open shifts later than the majority of the fleet.

Frequently asked questions 常見問題


Should I still apply for absences on Roadrunner to avoid no-show?

Under the new scoring set-up, "no-show" is no longer one of the scoring components since the Actual VS Planned Hours will already take into consideration your attendance.

  • For employed couriers, regardless of PAID or UNPAID absences, you are still required to apply for absences.

    Kindly note that if you fail to attend your shift, even if your absences are being accepted, your Actual VS Planned Hours will still be affected since ​you attended 0 minutes of your shift. But as an employee, you are required to follow our company policy by applying for absences.
  • For self-employed couriers, you do not need to apply for absences to excuse your "no-show" of your shift. To avoid your scoring being affected, you are strongly encouraged to take shifts ONLY if you know you can attend the shifts accordingly or ask your friends to take your swap instead.




  • 受僱送遞員:不論是有薪或是無薪假期,你仍需要申請缺席。

  • 自僱送遞員:無須再申請缺席去抵銷你的「缺席」。為避免影響你的評分,我們強烈建議你於肯定你能出席更份的情況下,才提取更份,或查看有沒有其他送遞員提取你未能出席更份。