We are proud to present another new feature in our rider app!


After accepting an order and before picking it up, if you find the need to re-dispatch the order, you are able to do it on your own now, instead of reaching out to the Rider Service Team.


Simply follow the following steps to enjoy this amazing feature!

​*Click on each step to see full image

Thanks to this new amazing feature, from now on you should not contact the Rider Service Team in order to reassign an order before picking up.


In particular, some of the situations now you should use the self-redispatch function, including but not limited to:

  1. Distance too long;

  2. Bad weather;

  3. Bike issue;

  4. Break request;

  5. Vendor late preparation only if you wish to re-dispatch the order (Simply use the "update vendor delay" function if you just want to inform the Team of the delay) - refer to the screenshot below

For more details on the new self re-dispatch function please read below.

Frequently Asked Questions 常見問題


Can I re-dispatch any order?

Yes, but only before picking up an order. However, please make sure to keep you acceptance rate higher than 85% to ensure your earnings.

Can I re-dispatch an order after picking it up?

No. After you pick up an order, it is your responsibility to deliver as swiftly as possible to ensure the best possible experience for our customers. In exceptional situations where there is a clear reason not to proceed with the delivery after having picked up the order, the Rider Service Team can help you.

How will re-dispatching an order affect me?

Redispatching an order will be considered the same way as declining it. Thus, it will affect your acceptance rate. Make sure you keep your acceptance rate high (85%) to ensure your earnings.

Can I get an order back if I re-dispatched it by mistake or I change my mind?

No, as the order will be automatically assigned to another available courier, there is no option to get it back once you have chosen to re-dispatch it.

What happens if I have stacked orders assigned?

If you have two orders assigned and have not picked up either of them, re-dispatching one will also cause the other to be redispatched. If you have two orders assigned and you have picked up the first order, you cannot re-dispatch this one anymore, but will still be able to re-dispatch the second order before picking it up, and the first one will still be yours to deliver.

Can employed couriers also enjoy this feature?

We expect full compliance from our employed couriers and therefore they are required to always deliver the orders assigned to them. We would like to give our self-employed couriers as much flexibility as possible. Therefore, this new feature is only available for self-employed couriers.

Can I use this function with the situation of vendors closed?

If an order is needed to be cancelled due to vendor closed, you should inform the Rider Service Team and your Acceptance Rate would not be affected. On the contrary, please note that your Acceptance Rate will be deducted if you use the self-redispatch function instead of notifying the Team for order cancellation.



可以,但只限於提取訂單之前。可是,請確保你的接單率維持在 85% 或以上,避免訂單服務費劃一。






如你有孖單但 未有提取任何一張訂單,轉走任何一張訂單都會轉走另一張訂單。 如你有孖單但你 已提取第一張訂單,則不能轉走第一張訂單,但你仍可在提取第二張訂單前轉走第二張訂單,而你仍需繼續送遞第一張訂單。


自行轉單與拒絕訂單一樣。所以,自行轉單會影響你的接單率。請確保你的接單率維持在 85% 或以上,避免訂單服務費劃一。


受僱送遞員有責任送遞任何獲派訂單。 我們希望給予自僱送遞員更多彈性,所以,此新功能只適用於自僱送遞員。


如訂單因為商店關門而需要被取消,你需要通知送遞員服務部,你的接單率並不會受影響。 相反,如你在這個情況下使用自行轉單功能,而未有通知送遞員服務部取訂訂單,你的接單率將會下降。