We are proud to present another new feature in our Roadrunner!


After accepting an order and before picking it up, if you find the need to re-dispatch the order, you are able to do it on your own now, instead of reaching out to the Rider Service Team.


Simply follow the following steps to enjoy this amazing feature!

​*Click on each step to see full image

Thanks to this new amazing feature, from now on you should not contact the Rider Service Team in order to reassign an order before picking up. In particular, some of the situations now you should use the self-redispatch function, including but not limited to:

  1. Distance too long;

  2. Bad weather;

  3. Bike issue;

  4. Break request;

  5. Vendor late preparation only if you wish to re-dispatch the order (Simply use the "update vendor delay" function if you just want to inform the Team of the delay) - refer to the screenshot below

For more details on the new self re-dispatch function please read below.