We understand that sometimes it takes a bit longer to get assistance from the Rider Service (RS) Team when you need help, affecting your delivery journey. You can now use this self-service tool to seek solutions for delivery-related questions.


With this tool, you can save time by reducing back-and-forth communications with our RS Team. But of course, for issues where this is not enough, you will still have the option to contact our RS agents in the live chat room.

The tool is available when you have a shift, and it will have different options in different stages of the delivery, to better accommodate your needs at every moment.


Click the button below to try this new feature!

Lastly, to have your issue be solved efficiently, please also note the following: 


  1. Please select the correct issue that you are facing;

  2. If you need to contact our RS Team, make sure that you’ve selected the correct issue before you click ‘chat with agents” ; and

  3. A message regarding your issue will be sent to the RS Team automatically. Briefly explain your situation to the agent.

Please be reminded that this tool and RS Team could only help to solve live order issues during delivery. For other issues (i.e. shifts, scoring, service fees, etc.) , you should always create a ticket through Rider Support within rider app and our Operations Team will handle your inquiries accordingly.