This page is for you to check out the service fees and peak hour service fees of each zone in every service cycle. Refer to this page for a more detailed understanding of the foundation of the Scheme.

Weekday Peak Hour Service Fees

Weekend Peak Hour Service Fees

Starting from 1 December 2021, we will consolidate and make monthly payment adjustments to cases of "Distance Discrepancy" and "Wrong Pin": 

Payment: transferred to rider app wallet on the 5th business day of the following month.

Monthly Statement: Sent by email on the 5th business day of the following month, including the details of each affected order (e.g. order code, date and time) and its respective adjusted amount.

Feel free to keep records of order details for future reference, but there is no need to create tickets for each specific event, since we will be proactively analyzing each affected order.

Wrong Pin:

We will proactively review every case in which the original drop-off location does not match the actual drop-off address of the customer updated by rider service team. In these situations, if the difference between both drop-off locations is larger than 100 meters, we will proactively recalculate the distance component of the service fee and pay the difference of the additional distance travelled. Please note that all compensation amounts related to Wrong Pin that are less than $3 (e.g. $1.50), we will top them up and pay $3 each; while in very rare cases that the compensation amount exceeds $15, we will pay a maximum amount of $15.

Actions from couriers: 

  1. MUST  report the new drop-off location to rider service team (live chat while on shift)   

    1. Press on the headphone icon on the top right corner

    2. Choose “Drop-off Issues” ,then click on “Wrong pin” 

    3. Click on “Chat with agent”
      - Rider service team will validate and update the new drop-off pin in the system

      *Only the cases in which the customer writes the correct/new address in the customer-rider chat in the rider app, the rider service team will update the pin
      *Only the cases in which the drop-off pin is updated by the rider service team will be considered​​

  2. Complete the delivery of the order to the new drop-off location adjusted by rider service



Distance Discrepancy: 

Until we have a definitive product solution that calculates the distance component of the per-order payment more precisely (i.e. vehicle-specific drive-time), we will proactively compensate with an additional 5 HKD flat fee every order in which the difference between the distance calculated using the current metric and the road distance is larger than 1 km for riders and drivers (i.e. road distance - current distance > 1km) and larger than 500 m for walkers and cyclists (i.e. road distance - current distance > 500 m)

Feel free to keep records of order details for future reference, but there is no need to create tickets for each specific event since we will be analyzing each affected order proactively.

Actions from couriers: ​​

  1. No actions are required from couriers

Monthly Payment Adjustments

Payment Screen

By updating this Scheme, we aim at providing you with higher transparency of your earnings. Therefore, apart from the “Acceptance Screen” where you can view the earnings of an order before accepting it, you can also check out the “Payment Screen” which provides clear breakdown on your service fees.


Below shows the service cycles of the month and explains another amazing rider app feature - Payment Screen.

Instead of having to wait for your invoice every 2 weeks, the “payment screen” above  allows you to review the detailed breakdown of your earnings on the shifts that you have taken in the past. The record will be lasted for 3 months.

We believe that having your service fees detail visible in the Payment Tab could help you better understand about your earnings. Need further explanation? Reach out to us by creating a ticket via Rider Support within rider app. 

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