We have listened to all of your opinions!

We understand that the process of handling cash collection from customers and submission to the company has been lengthy and it has to go through multiple contact points.


Improving your delivery experience is always our priority and therefore we are excited to partner with TNG, an e-wallet based in Hong Kong which provides an online as well as offline transaction.


Please refer to the following illustrations to learn the new way of returning COD with:

Higher Autonomy

You can decide on your own when to deposit COD amount throughout the week.

Higher Transparency

Outstanding amount of COD will be adjusted in real-time in your Roadrunner app.

Higher Flexibility

You are able to deposit COD at any time by going to a 24/7 convenience store.

Key Points

1. Receiving COD emails

The Finance Team will no longer send you any emails about how much to return - you should refer to Roadrunner Wallet balance for the amount to be returned.

2. Returning COD Money

We will no longer accept bank payments for returning COD money - you should start returning COD amount via TNG.

3. Contacting the Finance Team

The Finance Team will phase out the use of Telegram - you should reach out to them by creating a ticket via Rider Support within Roadrunner.

Procedure for returning COD