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AIRSIDE Centralized Pick up/ Drop off Point

A new shopping mall in Kai Tak (Kowloon City rider zone), AIRSIDE is opening on 28/09/2023 (Thursday). Offices are built above the shopping malls and there are multiple foodpanda vendors inside the shopping mall which could bring more orders in the zone and allow you to earn more! 


AIRSIDE covers large area with multiple floors, to save your time and effort to commute in the mall, AIRSIDE specially set up a centralized Pick up & Drop off point on G/F office lobby (Muk Yuen Street Entrance):

  • Centralized Pick up point: AIRSIDE staff will collect and send some vendors delivery orders to the centralized Pick up point, so that you do not need to go to the vendors’ doorfront.  

  • Centralized Drop off point: Key card is required to enter AIRSIDE office building, when delivering orders to AIRSIDE office, please ask the customer to pick up the order at G/F lobby. If the customer is unreachable, you may follow Rider Service agent’s instructions to place the order at the Drop off point and inform the customer. 


Important notes:

  1. Please note that although not all vendors located in the mall participated in this arrangement, there will be more joining. So please pay attention to the pick-up instructions/arrangements in your rider app before picking up orders. 

  2. The centralized Pick up & Drop off point operates on 08:00-22:00, please proceed to the vendor for pick up in other hours.

  3. Wait in line patiently and pay attention to the Order Number Screen at the pick up counter, show your rider app pick up screen to AIRSIDE staff for verification.

  4. If the order is not ready yet, be patient and polite with AIRSIDE staff. If the order is already 5 minutes delayed from the pick up time shown in rider app, and you do not wish to wait any longer you may also choose to redispatch the order without affecting your acceptance rate ( )

  5. AIRSIDE provides 30 minutes free parking at B2 car park loading area.


We understand it is a brand new measure, your feedback is welcomed by us and AIRSIDE. If you have any questions, please let us know via tickets.

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