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We understand that you all aim to provide a quality service to our customers by delivering as quickly as possible. However, for the sake of your safety, please also pay attention to the road situations. Your safety is always our top priority and therefore we strongly encourage you to follow safety guidelines. Please also refer to the additional links for a more comprehensive road users’ code.


Before starting your shifts

  • Wear a helmet if you are a cyclist/motorcycle rider;

  • Wear bright colored t-shirt, with reflective features;

  • Ensure your vehicle is 100% functional;


When you are on the road

  • Park legally;

  • Keep left unless overtaking;

  • Stay within the speed limits;

  • Keep a safe distance from other vehicles;

  • Do not swerve in and out of traffic;

  • Plan delivery route;

  • Identify dangers (construction sites, potholes, etc);

  • Beware of other vehicles blind spots and long vehicles ‘off-tracking’;

  • Be aware of surroundings and traffic conditions;

  • Keep a lookout and give way to pedestrians;


When under bad weather conditions

  • Poor visibility: reflective strips and lights on mobility devices;

  • Heat and humidity: stay hydrated;

  • Rain weather: drive slowly and safely. In case of heavy rain, look for shelter;

  • Low air quality: Always wear a face mask;


Other useful tips and reminders

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