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Live Order Issue

You may face different situations during delivery and you can always utilize the self-service tool in rider app to seek solutions, including the on-demand break, self-redispatch, on-demand shift cancellation etc. You can check more details of this tool here.


If  you need more assistance such as 

  • Food spillage

  • Customers unreachable

  • Accidents/ injuries while on shift

  • Customer address issues

  • Cash Collection issues, etc.

Couriers are encouraged to contact the Rider Service team immediately so we can assist you and provide guidelines. 

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Click the “earphone” icon on the right top corner to open the self-service tool and reach the Rider Service Team.

After the live chat with the Rider Service Team agents, you are welcome to rate your experience so that we can know more about the quality of live support service.

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Non-Live Order Issue

You can find most of the information about delivery in FAQs. Here are the steps to check FAQs:

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If you need more assistance on non-live issues, you can create tickets in the rider app.


In order to fasten our follow-up on your inquiries, please select the most suitable categories for your tickets. Here are some common examples for different categories:

Apps & Tools



  • Shortage of salary / service fees

  • Did not receive salary / service fee

  • Payslip / service fees invoice

Cash Collection

  • Daily cash collection

  • E-wallet issue


Contracts and Documents


Equipment & Deposit

  • Equipment availability

  • Deposit refund


  • Accident

  • Insurance


My Shift

  • Shift issue

  • Order issue


Misconduct/ Wrong-doing




Personal Details


Sickness & Vacation



Please involve corresponding information such as order code,  date, and location in the ticket content. You can also attach related screenshots, photos, or documents as proof so we can understand more about your inquiries. Here are the samples of ticket content for your reference:

Example 1

Categories: My Shift
Shift Issue

Order code:  abcd-1234
Date:  20 April 2022 

Location: Tsim Sha Tsui

My motorbike was broken when I was delivering order #abcd-1234. I have talked to the Rider Service team already. The motorbike will be fixed by tomorrow so I cannot attend today's shift. This is the maintenance receipt for your reference.

[Picture of the maintenance receipt]

Example 2

Categories: My Shift

Order Issue

Order code: efg1-23h0

Date: 20 April 2022

Location: Central

I had turned on the auto-accept toggle but still have missed orders. Is there any bug of the rider app? 

In order to provide a better delivery experience for you all, simply rate your experience every time after any tickets that are responded to and closed by rider support agents. The rating system of our rider support channels is important for us to evaluate our assistance offered to the fleet, and to further improve. Every review counts so don’t hesitate to give them ratings! 

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