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01/01/2024 - Update of COD return method

Bank transfer method of returning COD is no longer supported
no bank transfer update.png

The “Return COD at 7-11” feature has made the process of returning COD simpler and more convenient. After the launch of the feature in July, many couriers have chosen to return COD at 7-11 convenience stores.

Therefore, the bank transfer method for returning COD is no longer supported since 1st January 2024

If you have not tried the “Return COD at 7-11” feature, please click the button below to learn more.

24/10/2023 - Free Thermal Bag Replacement

Free Thermal Bag Replacement
Thermal bag replacement.jpg

We have been regularly offering free thermal bags to eligible couriers. Each eligible courier will receive a unique redemption code by email. You can choose your shipping method during the ordering process, including self-pickup at TST hub or home delivery.

*TST office pick up is limited to designated thermal bag only (not including other rider shop items)
**On-site pick up does not apply to orders that have already been selected for home delivery

If you didn’t receive the redemption email but your thermal bags are in poor condition, you may request for a new one. 

04/01/2024 - Shell Discount Upgrade

foodpanda x Shell discount upgrade

We are thrilled to announce that we have further upgraded our partnership deal with Shell! From 04/01/2024 onwards, show your Shell Fleet App Card at Shell Gas Station to enjoy an instant $6.3/L gasoline discount.

If you have any questions regarding the Shell Fleet App or encounter any difficulties during the activation process, please email or click the button below to learn more.

13/09/2023 - Delivery tips

Return COD at 7-11 convenience stores
photo_2023-10-06 14.46_edited.jpg

Here are some frequently asked questions about this feature:


  1. On the “Select a payment provider” page, “HSBC” is for you to transfer positive Wallet balance to your registered bank account (not limited to HSBC); “SevenEleven” is for you to return outstanding COD to settle negative Waller balance, 7-11 convenience stores don’t provide service fee withdrawal service.

  2. Each account can only process 1 transaction at the same time, please generate the QR code only when you are at the 7-11 counter, or else the service fee withdrawal function may be impacted.

  3. When encountering a pending transaction blocking service fee withdrawal, please try again 2 hours later.

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