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Good News, “Bamboo Rewards” program is now LIVE! From now onwards, you can earn “Bamboo points”* by completing deliveries (1 order delivered = 1 point. Points will be added to your account after you completed/ returned the orders) and redeem different rewards^ (including fuel coupons, supermarket coupons, apple gift cards, exclusive Pau-Pau & rider shop merch etc.). Before redeeming your prizes, you will have to redeem Rider Shop vouchers using your accumulated points (Steps to redeem: here ).  

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A “Rewards” tab has already been added to your rider app, please refer to the page to check your total number of earned points and details on redeeming rewards. Please check out the “Rewards” tab NOW to start earning points!  

* Rewards available for redemption will be updated whenever there is availability and will available while stocks last.

^ There is an expiration date of the points earned, please use them to redeem rewards as soon as possible (Points earned within 15/08/2023 - 31/12/2023 will expire on 31/12/2023 23:59, the unused points will be forfeited. Expiry dates for points earned after the aforementioned period will be announced separately)

If you have not had your Rider Shop account activated, you will not be able to earn any points or redeem prizes. Please follow the steps below to activate your account to start earning points.


If you wish to accumulate points for your deliveries completed, you will have to activate your Rider Shop customer account in advance. Couriers who have not activated their account should have received the “Rider Shop - Bamboo Rewards Account Activation'' email (you will not receive the email if your account is activated already), please follow the steps to activate your account and get be ready to start earning your points!


Steps to activate:

  1. Open “Rider Shop - Bamboo Rewards Account Activation” email

  2. Click “Activate your account”

  3. Set your password and click “ACTIVATE ACCOUNT”

  4. Done (your Rider Shop account will be connected with your courier account, it can also be used for Rider Shop shopping)

We truly appreciate your continuous effort in delivering with foodpanda, stay tuned for more Fleet Appreciation Perks!

Terms and Conditions

  1. “Bamboo Rewards” points are only applicable to couriers who have activated their Rider Shop accounts. Points lost due to Rider Shop account not activated will not be reissued.

  2. “Bamboo Rewards” vouchers are only applicable to the products in “Bamboo Rewards Redemption Center” page in Rider Shop.

  3. Only 1 discount code may be applied per order. 

  4. Products in the redemption center can only be redeemed with bamboo points, which cannot be purchased independently.

  5. Points and discount codes will expire and will not be reissued, points expiration dates will be announced on Telegram channel separately, so please remember to use your points before they expire! 

  6. Once redeemed, points cannot be reversed. Items purchased using  points are also not eligible for refunds or exchanges.

  7. If the prize price is higher than the voucher value, you will need to top up  the remaining amount with any other payment method.

  8. Rewards available for redemption will be updated whenever there is availability and will available while stocks last. 

  9. In case of disputes, foodpanda HK reserves the right to make the  final decision. foodpanda HK reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions as well as to vary or terminate the “Bamboo Rewards” program without prior notice. 

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