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To create a more convenient return process, starting from February 2023, couriers serving in Hong Kong island will be able to collect customers’ used reusable containers from previous orders to our collection machines on a voluntary basis without affecting your delivery process. As an incentive, for every container returned to our collection machines, you will receive the initial $10* (per container) deposit that customers paid earlier on their order via your Octopus, as well as a $15* foodpanda e-voucher via foodpanda app (to be used only on participating restaurants of this programme).

*As this programme is still in the pilot phase, container return rewards may be amended at a later stage without prior notice.


Please remember that this assistance is entirely voluntary and you can always reject the customer’s request if this affects your delivery process or if you do not wish to help. We encourage you to make use of the Chatroom to communicate with the customer. Below are some key reminders from us:


  1. Containers do not need to be deep cleaned, but must not contain any leftovers.
    **Suggestion: Politely remind the customer they should empty the containers before passing them to you

  2. Do not put the collected containers in your thermal bag together with live orders that you are delivering.
    *Suggestion: Bring your own bag to hold the collected containers separately, in case the customer doesn’t provide any bags for you to carry the containers.
    **You may also use the foodpanda string bag we distributed in pandamarts in Feb 2023.


  3.  Remember to bring your Octopus and enter your own phone number into the machine to collect your rewards!

For more details on the return procedure and machine locations, please refer to .


If any container is rejected by the collection machines or the machine is out of service, do not throw away the containers, you may try again later or with other collection machines. You may also contact our Reusable Packaging Pilot Support Team via this form ( ). The form can also be located via scanning the QR code on the machine. Please keep the reusable containers with you and a member of the Support Team will then reach out to you with next steps. You may also contact rider service for further assistance.


Thank you in advanced for supporting this initiative and helping the environment!

Frequently asked questions

Is my participation mandatory? What if I am not interested in collecting containers?

Couriers collect containers voluntarily. You may choose not to collect containers. Please let the customer know you are not willing in returning the containers to the machine, and kindly ask the customer to present the containers to the courier on their next delivery.

How do I collect containers from customers?

If customers have containers they would like couriers to return for them, they will give containers to couriers when they receive their food order.

What about customers that have selected contactless delivery?

You may contact customers through the rider- customer chat and confirm the location to place the order and collection of containers.

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