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Compensation for opposite direction same vendor stacked order

photo_2022-07-27 12.00.44.jpeg

We hear your feedback regarding stacked order, due to the restriction of actual delivery distance calculation and order dispatching of our current system, some same vendor stacked order might encounter opposite drop off points issue, which may impact delivery efficiency and experience. While we are trying to fix the issue and until the vehicle-specific drive-time map feature comes into service, we have decided to compensate couriers who encounter these cases. 


Please refer to the compensation details in the picture above and same as the service fees adjustment for distance discrepancy,  couriers do not need to create tickets for each specific event, since we will be analyzing each affected order proactively. We are going to be looking at orders starting from 01/07/2022 and release the adjusted amount on 25/07/2022 for the first time and every monday onwards together with other adjustments (if any).

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