It is our goal to provide better perks and discounts for couriers. We are very excited to announce the upgraded Esso petrol discount for riders and the new diesel discount for drivers!

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For new applications:

  • Apply by sending a message through Whatsapp to +852 9307 1911 (Giggs) 

  • Receive the form through Whatsapp 

  • Fill in the form* 

  • Send the form to Esso‘s Office


*You will also be asked to present a screenshot of the “My Profile” page in your rider app for verification. Please see below for instructions:

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For riders/drivers who have already applied for Esso discount card before

  • This new discount will be automatically updated, no application is needed. 

  • If the discount is not updated, please contact Esso directly. 

Frequently asked questions 常見問題


When will I receive the discount card?

You will receive the discount card in mail within 10 working days* after successful application. *Working days mean Mondays to Fridays, excluding Public Holidays.

How will I know whether my application is successful or not?

Failed application may due to

  1. Missing documents;
  2. Invalid vehicle type (the discount card is for motorcycles and vans); and/or
  3. Duplicated application.
In case of a failed application, you will receive an email notification from Esso.

Who do I contact if I need to replace and/or have questions about my discount card?

For any inquiry about Esso discount cards, please contact Esso through email - hk.discountcards@essocards.hk .



Esso 折扣卡會在成功申請後,約 10 個工作天*內寄送到府上 *工作天為星期一至五,公眾假期除外。



  1. 文件不齊全;
  2. 不正確車種 ​(折扣卡只適用於電單車及貨車司機);及/或
  3. 重複申請。​
如你申請失敗,你會收到 Esso 的電郵通知。


任何有關Esso折扣的疑問請直接透過電郵聯絡 Esso - hk.discountcards@essocards.hk