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Extended Delivery

At foodpanda we are always challenging ourselves to keep delivering customers the food and items they love, so we are constantly expanding and diversifying our services. Therefore, we are excited to announce the launch of a NEW SERVICE soon called “Extended Delivery”. With Extended Delivery, you will get to provide services in a larger delivery area, attracting a wider range of customers, and thus bringing more orders to you. We will offer a free login method (to maximise flexibility) and also provide higher earnings per order (by delivering mid-long distance orders)! 

In order to launch this, we are now recruiting private car and van drivers to be our Extended Delivery specialists. Private car or van drivers who already own a regular foodpanda courier account can register to be an Extended Delivery specialist via


New drivers, without a valid foodpanda account, can follow the regular sign up process via and apply as “PRIVATE CAR” and refer to (  ) for more details. During the application process, when contacted by our onboarding team, please specify that you are signing up for the EXTENDED DELIVERY fleet so they can set up your account accordingly.

We will continue to explore different opportunities within our Extended Delivery service in order to fulfill different customers’ needs, as well as bring more orders for you to earn more. Stay tuned!


For more details, please refer to the images above. Otherwise, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask us by creating a ticket. 

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