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For better protection of your rider app account and to ensure we have a more accurate database for verifying all couriers’ identities, couriers will have to submit a personal picture in their rider app profile and take a selfie for identity verification in the following situations:

1. When a new device is used for logging in to your account

2. Before starting every shift


All couriers should already have submitted a clear selfie in your rider app. If you have not already done so, please upload a personal picture in your rider app following the guidelines ( ). 

Failing to pass it will be subject to follow-up actions, including suspensions and account termination.

Photos collected will be used for internal verification, and for more detail please read through our privacy policy.

Requirements for personal picture


  • Take selfies from a reasonable distance, not too close nor too far

  • The face must be completely framed and centred in the specified portrait area

  • Look directly into the camera with open and visible eyes

Selfies must be vertical portraits showing the account holder’s full face (including hair)


  • Horizontal, upside-down, side, curved or blurry selfies

  • Selfies with too high or low angles

  • Covering your face and ears with hair or any other components (e.g. helmet, mask, sunglasses, hat etc.)

  • Too bright or dim background/environment causing reflections and shadows

  • Eyeglass lenses reflect the camera’s or environment’s light

  • Exaggerated facial expressions

Selfies must be taken live and before every shift starts


  • Screenshots and pictures of a picture

  • Pictures of another mobile phone screen and other images

Selfies must not show indecent behaviour

Submitting an unqualified selfie could lead to account suspension (e.g. intentionally tampering the verification by covering the face with a mask, indecent gestures etc.)

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