Group Accidental Personal Insurance

We always put your safety first and to better protect you, we have upgraded and announced the insurance plans for our delivery personnel (independent contractors) in February 2022. Below you can find more information about this insurance.

Public Liability Insurance

We are now also adding this public liability insurance in August 2021 to protect our independent contractors from any liability towards third parties. Please find more information about and claim this insurance below:

Updated insurance plan for Covid-19 coverage

In the event that a courier contracts the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) during the Period of Insurance, the Insurance Company shall pay the courier a lump sum benefit of HK$2,000 per infection (“Item”).  For any avoidance of doubt, to be eligible for a claim under this Item, the infected courier must have attended at least one shift within the 7 days prior to the date of confirmation of contraction.* Please submit a claim by sending an email to the insurance company within 30 days after your contraction, together with the below information:


1. Completed Claim Form

2. HKID copy

3. Message of the positive test result by Community Testing Centres or Medical Certificate from the Department of Health

4. Bank account information


*If any claim during the Period of Insurance exceeds the aggregate limit of liability of this “item” (“Aggregate limit”) under this insurance policy, any confirmed case of COVID-19 that occurs beyond the Aggregate Limit would not be eligible for claim under this item.  

*UPDATES: The claims during the Period of Insurance have exceeded the aggregate limit of liability of this Item (“Aggregate  Limit”) under the Insurance Policy, therefore any cases of COVID-19 reported now will not be eligible for claim under this item. If you consider applying for the one-off ex-gratia cash allowance offered by the Social Welfare Department, please visit the page of HKSAR Social Welfare Department for more informations:

If, unfortunately, you have met with an accident and wish to submit claims, please follow the procedures stated on the insurer website above and feel free to contact the insurer for any related inquiries.


* The Company reserves the rights of final decision related to the insurance policy and any dispute thereof, and may change the terms and conditions without prior notice.

Financial Support Program

Given that the claims during the period of foodpanda’s accident insurance have exceeded the aggregate limit of liability, we are excited to launch COVID-19 Financial Support Program*** (funded by Delivery Hero). The program aims at providing financial support to those riders who were unable to deliver during a period of time due to the infection with COVID-19. In this program, riders will be supported up to EUR$250 (~HKD$2,000), and the program will be effective starting from today.

A rider must meet all following criteria in order to be eligible for the program:

  1. Only riders infected with COVID-19

  2. The rider must have evaluated at least 20 shifts within the past 2 months before the date of confirmation date

  3. The confirmed date of COVID-19 is on or after 20/03/2022 (if the confirmed date of COVID-19 is on or after 6/5/2022, claim must be submitted within 30 days via rider app ticket)

  4. The rider must not receive the HK$2,000 of COVID-19 benefits from foodpanda’s accident insurance program previously

  5. The application must be submitted before July 17, 2022

If a rider is eligible for the program, please follow the procedure at below:

Important Notice: 

1.    Please change the ticket subject to Rider ID-FSP-confirmed date (YYYY/MM/DD) 

       (e.g. 234234-FSP-2022/04/27)

2.   Please attach all required documents as listed below.

a)    Rider full name (same as HKID)
b)    Photocopy of HKID
c)    Medical certificate/ official certificate proving a COVID-19 infection, which  must have been issued by the relevant competent authority in Hong Kong (i.e. SMS from HKSARG, Letters from Health Department)

3.   Once you submit the ticket, a confirmation email will be sent to you automatically. Please do not repeat submitting the ticket, to avoid causing a delay in payment.


***foodpanda Hong Kong has the sole and absolute discretion in, according to the relevant clauses in this Terms and Conditions, determining a person's eligibility to participate in the COVID19 Financial Support Program. In the event of any dispute arising from or in connection with this program, the decision of foodpanda Hong Kong shall be final and conclusive.