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We have prepared a simpler and standardized setup that will be effective from 2 July 2022 (Saturday) onwards. The zones and amount details will be released on 30 June 2022 (Thursday).


The four respective quest periods are:

  • Current peak hour service fees, weekend and weekday panda quests will be combined into a longer-term panda quest. The 4 quest periods are:

    • A cumulation of 5 weekday lunch quests (Monday to Friday)

    • A cumulation of 5 weekday dinner quests (Monday to Friday)

    • A cumulation of 2 weekend lunch quests (Saturday to Sunday)

    • A cumulation of 2 weekend dinner quests (Saturday to Sunday)

  • Standardized lunch (11:30-13:30) and dinner (18:00-20:00) quest periods & acceptance rate (AR) requirements at 85% quest hours only AR (instead of full day AR)

  • All zones will be included in the new panda quests to allow all couriers to participate

  • Higher tiers and amounts for weekend quest

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