Good news to you all, here is an opportunity for you to earn more!


Introducing “pandago”, a delivery service provided to our vendors for orders that are placed directly from customer to vendor, without using our foodpanda platform. In other words, this service is a way to bring more orders for our couriers. 


But don’t worry, delivering pandago orders is the same as delivering regular orders.


You could simply follow the guidelines and drop-off instructions in Roadrunner for detailed customers’ addresses. The only difference between regular and pandago orders is the order codes - pandago order codes are different from the regular order codes, i.e. xxxx-yyyy, for identification purposes.

Frequently asked questions 常見問題


How much will I be paid for delivering pandago orders?

Order fee calculation for pandago orders is the same as regular orders, for details you could refer to this page.

Will my acceptance rate be affected if I refuse to deliver/ re-dispatch a pandago order?

Declining a pandago order will affect your Acceptance Rate the same way declining any other order does.