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pandago C2C

We will be launching our new pandago C2C service (private parcel delivery) on 4 September 2023 (Monday) for customers to utilise our Extended Delivery fleet to deliver parcels to another customer in Hong Kong! 

C2C intro_4x.png

Reminders for our Extended Delivery fleet :


  • Order code format of pandago C2C orders: pgo-xxxxxx

  • This service will be available across Hong Kong, therefore only Extended Delivery Fleet will be delivering these orders.

  • Pick up locations are no longer limited to restaurants and shops, so please pay extra attention to pick-up instructions provided by customers and make good use of our rider-customer chat/phone call for communicating with customers.

  • Proof of pick-up is required for all pandago C2C orders.

  • “Contactless delivery” is not applicable to all pandago C2C orders, hence all orders must be handed to the recipient in person, or completed after receiving customer/ Rider Services’ instructions. 

  • All pandago C2C orders are required to be returned to senders if the order is canceled or recipients are unreachable when you arrive at the designated location. Please follow the return trip flow in rider app, and the return fee will be paid after the order is returned. 

  • There are limits regarding weight, size and content of pandago C2C orders, hence Order Split is not applicable to pandago C2C orders. If the order exceeds certain limits or you have doubts about the order during pick-up, please contact Rider Service Team for further assistance.

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