When the order that you are delivering gets cancelled by the system or Rider Service (RS) team, you will have to return the order back to the pick-up point. In this case, you should always refer to the guidelines given by the RS Team and check on rider app for redelivery procedures (if any). 

You can refer to pictures below for the flow.

wider comms (5).png
wider comms (19).png
wider comms (11).png

For cancelled pandamart orders, please provide a proof of return showing the order code and the "Return cancelled orders here" poster in pandamart stores. Please see an example below:

pandamart poster (landscape).png

"Return cancelled orders here" poster showing corresponding vendor codes

Order code

For every trip back to the original pick-up point, the return fee will be shown in the “Payment” tab as illustrated below. It will be shown as “cancelled” but no worries - it is recorded in our system.

Please note that the return fee will be calculated on a distance basis which is fairer for all couriers, which means the longer the distance from the drop-off location to the original pick-up point, the higher the return fee!

wider comms (12).png

If you need further assistance, feel free to write us a ticket through Rider Support in rider app.

Frequently asked questions 常見問題


Why do I need to return cancelled orders?

Order items are the assets of vendors and foodpanda and therefore couriers are required to return the items back to pick-up points for cancelled orders. Failure to do so is considered a compliance issue.

How much will I still receive after the order got cancelled?

If orders get cancelled, the system will check on the order status automatically.After the investigation,

  1. If the order is not yet picked up, you will not receive the order service fee.
  2. if the order gets cancelled AFTER picking up, a Pick-up Fee calculated by the system will be paid.
  3. if it's cancelled AFTER picking up and arriving at drop-off point, a Drop-off Fee will be paid.

Will I receive new orders when I was returning the items?

You will not be assigned with any new orders until you finish returning the cancelled order.

How much will I earn for this return trip?

The return fee for all cancelled orders will be calculated on a distance basis. The longer the distance from the drop-off location to the original pick-up point, the higher the return fee.



訂單貨品為商戶及 foodpanda 的資產,被取消的訂單均需歸還至訂單提取地點。如有發現任何沒有歸還的訂單,我們將會視作紀律問題。



  1. 如未提取訂單則不會收到服務費。
  2. 如訂單於取餐後取消,可得由系統計算的提取服務費。
  3. 如訂單於取餐後及到達客人地址後取消,你將有送單服務費。