Self-employed Fleet Scheme

Improving your delivery experience has always been one of our priorities while providing the best delivery service to our customers.


On July 13th 2020*, there will be a new update on our Self-employed Fleet Scheme, addressing your feedback while fairly rewarding your contribution.

*The new Scheme will be rolled out on 13th of July at 10 PM. Because of this update, we will also have the following changes:

  1. Orders accepted within 13/07 00:00 - 13/07 21:59 will be based on the service fees list (29/06 - 12/07).

  2. Orders accepted within 13/07 22:00 - 26/07 23:59 will be based on a new distance-based calculation.

For the above two changes, service fees will be released on 30/07/2020 (Thursday).

With the new updates and features, this Scheme will provide you with a better delivery experience. First of all, the Acceptance Screen! Check the per order earning, pick-up and drop-off locations and ETAs before accepting a new order. You can make better decisions when choosing to accept an order.

How about your earnings? See the examples below. 

(Click to see full image.)

RP example 1.png
RP example 2.png

To make sure that our most dedicated couriers are treated fairly, this new update considers your batch scoring and order distances. Being in batch 1 means you could be the first to take shifts as well as to earn the most. Click here to understand more about your service cycle.


Do not forget to check out the new Roadrunner feature - self-redispatch. Together with this new update on the Self-employed Fleet Scheme, we hope that we will improve your delivery experiences. 


If you would like to share your feedback with us, or you have anything in doubt, do not hesitate to reach out to us by creating a ticket via Rider Support within Roadrunner. 

We are always excited to see new faces joining us towards serving our customers - click here to join us now.

Frequently Asked Questions 常見問題


How are the earnings showing if I am assigned with stacked orders?

Stacked orders will be shown in separate screens and you will be able to view the earning for each order when you are assigned with stacked orders.

Do I still earn “Special Zone Service Fees” if I deliver to Lohas Park or Fairview Park?

No, you will no longer get extra Special Zones Service Fees. Instead, distance will be taken into consideration for payment calculation - the farther the order, the higher the service fees.

Why are Roadrunner Acceptance and Payment Screens showing different amounts?

The amount shown in Acceptance Screen shows the earnings of the order which only calculated “Per Order Service Fees” while the Payment Screen includes the calculation of 1) “Per Order Service Fees”and 2) “Peak Hour Service Fee”(if any).

Do I still earn half order service fees if orders are cancelled or vendors are closed?

If orders get cancelled, the system will check on the order status automatically. After the investigation:

  • if the order is not yet picked up, you will not receive any Order Service Fees;
  • if the order gets cancelled AFTER picking up, you will be getting a Pick-up Fee which is calculated by the system.
  • if it's cancelled AFTER picking up and arriving at drop-off point, you will be getting full Order Service Fees.

Do you still publish the service fees list every two week?

No, we will no longer publish the service fees list every two weeks. The updated Scheme takes several factors into account including order distances, your batch scoring, zones, time, vehicle types, etc. In other words, the fees become dynamic with all these factors. You will be able to see the earnings before accepting an order.
However, every two weeks we will still publish the details entailing “Peak Hour Service Fees”. Make sure you have subscribed to our official Telegram broadcasting channel and read this Panda Page frequently for the most updated information.

Can I reject any orders?

Yes, as a self-employed courier, you have full control over accepting or declining an order. Check out the new Roadrunner feature - self-redispatch as well. However, kindly take note that this will affect your Acceptance Rate. If your Acceptance Rate is below 85%, your order service fees within the 2-week service cycle will be flat - HK $30 (Riders) or HK $20 (Walkers).

Do I still earn “Long Distance Order Service Fees” if I deliver orders with longer distances?

No, you will no longer earn “Long Distance Order Service Fees”. The new update of the Scheme is based on distance - the more you travel, the more you earn.





不會,你不會再獲得任何「特別地區服務費」。取而代之,訂單的服務費會因 距離長短而有所不同 — 距離越遠的訂單,訂單服務費就越高。





  • 未提取訂單則不會收到服務費;
  • 如訂單於取餐 取消,你將有 由系統計算的提取訂單服務費
  • 如訂單於取餐 及到達客人地址後取消,你將有一張訂單服務費。


不會,我們將不會每兩星期更新服務費列表。此項更新考慮多項因素,包括訂單距離、你的組別評分、區域、時間、送遞方式等因素。簡單來說,服務費將會因這些因素而有 改變。系統將自動計算「訂單服務費」,而你亦可於接受新訂單前查看服務費。
可是,每兩星期我們仍會公布有關「繁忙時間服務費」的資訊。請確保你已訂閲我們的官方 Telegram 廣播頻道並經常查閲此網站,以獲悉最新資訊。


可以,作為自僱送遞員,你可自行選擇接受或拒絕新訂單。你亦可查看新推出 Roadrunner 功能--「自行轉單」。可是,請注意這會影響你的接單率。如接單率在 85% 或以下,訂單服務費劃一為:$30 (車手) / $20 (步兵)。