Self-employed Fleet Scheme

Improving your delivery experience has always been one of our priorities while providing the best delivery service to our customers.


On July 13th 2020*, there will be a new update on our Self-employed Fleet Scheme, addressing your feedback while fairly rewarding your contribution.

*The new Scheme will be rolled out on 13th of July at 10 PM. Because of this update, we will also have the following changes:

  1. Orders accepted within 13/07 00:00 - 13/07 21:59 will be based on the service fees list (29/06 - 12/07).

  2. Orders accepted within 13/07 22:00 - 26/07 23:59 will be based on a new distance-based calculation.

For the above two changes, service fees will be released on 30/07/2020 (Thursday).

With the new updates and features, this Scheme will provide you with a better delivery experience. First of all, the Acceptance Screen! Check the per order earning, pick-up and drop-off locations and ETAs before accepting a new order. You can make better decisions when choosing to accept an order.

How about your earnings? See the examples below. 

(Click to see full image.)

RP example 1.png
RP example 2.png

To make sure that our most dedicated couriers are treated fairly, this new update considers your batch scoring and order distances. Being in batch 1 means you could be the first to take shifts as well as to earn the most. Click here to understand more about your service cycle.


Do not forget to check out the new Roadrunner feature - self-redispatch. Together with this new update on the Self-employed Fleet Scheme, we hope that we will improve your delivery experiences. 


If you would like to share your feedback with us, or you have anything in doubt, do not hesitate to reach out to us by creating a ticket via Rider Support within Roadrunner. 

We are always excited to see new faces joining us towards serving our customers - click here to join us now.