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foodpanda X Shell - NEW Upgraded Offer

shell fleet banner@4x.png

Note: Our Grey Bonus Card partnership with Shell does not accept new applications (If you already owned the card, you can continue to enjoy the existing discounts ($4.50/L), but there will not be any upgrades moving forward).

Shell specially launched the new Shell Fleet App and Offers allowing you to:


  1. ​Enjoy foodpanda fleet exclusive discounts:​
    - Instant discount on gasoline at
    - Special time-limited discounts

  2. Add a credit card to your account, fuel now pay later

  3. Check digital transaction records and monthly invoices at anytime

New joiners:

The unique foodpanda fleet token will be sent to all the new riders and drivers at the beginning of every month.

Existing couriers (Batch 1-4):

The token should have been sent to you via email or rider app inbox already. Please check thoroughly.

*Please open with mobile after installing the Shell Fleet App

*Each token can be used once only

**Grey Bonus Card owners are also welcome to apply

If you have any questions regarding the Shell Fleet App or encounter any difficulties during the activation process, please email to

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