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foodpanda X Shell - Upgraded Partnership Deal

We are thrilled to announce that we have upgraded our partnership deal with Shell, to provide more exclusive and comprehensive perks to all our foodpanda fleet members -
Introducing the new
Shell Grey Bonus Card Programme.

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When you fill in the sign up form,
make sure you upload your rider app profile page for identity verification:
(Open rider app, open app menu, "My profile")


How do I redeem the 1 hour free parking at SHKP malls? 

  1. Register as the Point member on their website

  2. Fill in the form and input your Shell Bonus Card number and SHKP The Point number

  3. Earn Shell Bonus Points to redeem the deal!

Frequently asked questions 常見問題


If I have applied for the previous Shell value card, do I have to reapply for this new grey bonus card?

Yes. If you wish to enjoy the new packaged deal with this Shell Grey Bonus Card, you will have to reapply. However there will not be an impact on the current value card, you can continue to use.

When can I receive the card after registration?

You will receive the card by mail 10 days after registration.

Whom can I contact if I have inquiries about the fuel cards.

For any inquiries, please contact Shell's customer service hotline at 24352064 or email to .


如我已申請了之前推出的油卡,我還需要重新申請此Bonus Card嗎?

需要。如你希望享用以上提及的優惠,你需要重新申請。但舊有的value card並不會受影響,可以繼續使用。

提交申請後,我會在什麽時候收到Bonus Card?



如有任何有關油卡的問題,請致電Shell的客戶服務中心 24352064 或電郵至 。