Check FAQ reminder and create ticket (1)
  1. Open rider app and press the menu button ( the 3 lines at the top left corner)

  2. Choose “Rider Support”

  3. Press “+” on the top right corner 

  1. Choose “Cash Collection” for first option

  2. Choose “ Daily Cash Collection” for more specific option

  3. Input COD amount as subject [omit dollar sign]

  4. Input the date and time of deposit in the description box [Format: DDMMYYY HHMM (24 hours)]

  5. Attach the deposit receipt and click “Submit”

COD amount: $1234.5

Date of deposit: 8th September 2020

Time of deposit: 9:59 pm

Subject: 1234.5

Description: 08092020 2159


  1. You can only submit one transaction proof per ticket. If you have more than one transaction proof, you will need to create another ticket.

  2. You can only choose "Daily cash collection" when you inform the Finance Team. For other issues, please select the appropriate category.

  3. Do NOT send your deposit proof to payments@foodpanda.hk or it will be missed. The email is the FPS account instead of submission channel.

  4. Your COD deposit will be deducted from rider app Wallet in 2-3 working days.

  5. If the information required is not correctly input, it might lead to delays in handling time. foodpanda HK is not responsible or liable for any loss of any kind incurred as a result of incorrect/invalid information provided by the courier.



COD amount: $3698

Date of deposit: 3rd September 2020

Time of deposit: 1:35pm

Subject: HK$3698

Description: 03.09.2020.13.35pm


Subject: HK$3698

Description: 03.09.2020.13.35pm 


Subject: 3698

Description: 03092020 1335

COD amount: $2500

Date of deposit: 22th October 2020

Time of deposit: 9:24am

Subject: COD

Description: COD


Subject: COD 

Description: COD


Subject: 2500

Description: 22102020 0924

To avoid suspension, you are highly recommended to make deposits of the amount that you have collected on a daily basis after you finish your shifts. After that, you should send the deposit receipt to the Finance Team via creating a ticket via Rider Support in rider app as illustrated above.

1) Make deposits and inform the Finance Team following the guideline above.

2) When your rider app wallet balance is updated, your account will automatically be unblocked by the system.


You DO NOT need to visit our offices for unblocking your account.

Frequently asked questions 常見問題


Why did the amount in my rider app wallet stay the same even after I had deposited the amount and submitted a ticket in rider app?

1) Make sure you input the correct format while submitting the ticket 2) Finance Team will need around 2-3 working days to adjust the wallet amount

What if I deposit the COD amount on Friday and my account is being blocked during the weekend?

Finance Team will need 2-3 working days to adjust your rider app wallet amount. Therefore please take this into consideration and we highly recommend couriers to deposit COD on a daily basis after your shifts end.

When should I return the COD money to the company?

We highly recommend you to return COD money that you have collected on a daily basis after your shifts end to avoid suspension.

How much should I return to the company?

You should return the amount that you have collected from COD orders.

The customer gave me a different amount from what is shown in my rider app, what should I do?

It is always the courier’s responsibility to politely collect money from the customers if it is a COD order. If the customer gives you a different amount when you deliver at his/her location, you should politely clarify it with the customer and at the same time inform the Rider Service Team of the situation. If the customer insists on giving you a different amount, please receive the cash and report it in rider app by following the tutotial below Click here to see step by step illustrations The Finance Team will then follow up with your report and validate any proposed adjustment. If wrong/incomplete information has been provided, the Operations Team will follow up with compliance issues.

The amount shown on rider app wallet is different from my own calculation, what should I do?

You should always make use of the “Report” function if there is any discrepancy when you collect cash from the customer. Refer to the previous question for illustration. If you need to clarify it with the Finance Team, please create a ticket via Rider Support within Roadrunner (Select ‘Cash Collection’ → ‘E-wallet issue’).

My account is suspended, what should I do to get it unblocked?

Make a deposit and inform the Finance Team by following the above guidelines. When your rider app wallet balance got updated, your account will then be automatically unblocked by the system. You DO NOT need to visit our offices to unblock your account. If you need further assistance, please create a ticket via Rider Support within Roadrunner (Select ‘Cash Collection’ → ‘Unblock/Auto-block').


我應何時歸還 COD 款項?


我應歸還多少 COD 款項?


當客人給的金額和 rider app 列明的金額不符,應如何處理?

如你正送遞 COD 訂單,你有責任有禮地向顧客收取現金。如果客人支付的金額和 rider app 所顯示的金額有所出入,你應有禮地向客人解釋。與此同時,你需通知送遞員服務部以得到即時的幫助。 如客人仍然堅持給和 rider app 列明的款項不符的金額,請先收取客人現金,然後根據以下步驟在 rider app 內報告相關情況: 點擊查看流程步驟 會計部將會跟進你的報告及查核所報告的調整屬實與否。如發現報告不誠實或不完整,營運部將會跟進其紀律問題。

rider app 錢包顯示的金額與我自己的計算有所不同,我該怎麼辦?

當你發現兩者的計算有出入,你可善用Roadrunner的「報告」功能。你可參閱上文以了解更多詳情。 如有任何差異,請透過 rider app 支援提出新查詢,直接聯絡會計部(選擇「COD訂單問題」→再選擇「錢包問題」。


歸還款項後根據以上指示通知會計部。當你的rider app錢包金額更新後,你的帳號便會自動解封。請無需就解鎖帳號到我們的辦公室。 如需更多協助,請透過 rider app 支援提出新查詢(選擇「COD現金單問題」→再選擇「錢包問題」。

為什麼即使我已歸還COD金額及已提交新查詢後,我的rider app錢包還沒有更新?

1)請確保你在提交新查詢時輸入正確格式。 2)會計部需大概2-3個工作天更新rider app錢包金額。


會計部需大概2-3個工作天更新rider app錢包金額。因此請提前計劃,我們亦建議送遞員每天更份完結後,歸還COD金額並完成歸還程序。