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We always take your opinions seriously, and we never stop enhancing our technical capabilities to better serve your needs. After rounds of technical trials, adjustments and the soft-launch trial period, foodpanda Hong Kong is very excited to announce the official launch of our newOn-demand Payout” function!

With this new function, the earned service fees (positive amount) and COD amount (negative amount) you receive from shifts will be reflected immediately in your rider app balance.


1) When your wallet balance is positive, you will be able to press the “Cash Out” button in your rider app wallet and cash out the amount you earned.


2) When your wallet balance is negative, it means that you have outstanding COD and you should return the amount to us. 

Account Suspension

If a courier has a wallet balance that stays negative for over 4 days, his/her account will be suspended. Therefore, please deposit COD if you see a negative balance to avoid suspension.

Please note the following

Each courier is entitled to 1 free transaction each week (from Monday to Sunday) with the maximum cash out limit of $20,000.


For any additional transactions throughout the week, a $5 handling fee will be charged from your wallet balance. (i.e. in order to cash out, your wallet balance should have at least $6.)


You will no longer receive a service fee summary email from us. Please refer to your “Payment” tab in the rider app for earning details.

Frequently asked questions 常見問題


What should I do when there are COD discrepancies?

In case there are new changes to the COD amount, you can check delivery instructions for the updated collection amount before delivering to customers. Before clicking the dropoff button, revise the COD amount to report discrepancy. An issue will be created in the wallet. After the issue is evaluated, the amount of discrepancies will appear in the wallet.

Why is my cash-out request rejected?

If your registered bank details are incorrect, you will not be able to enjoy the cash out feature! Remember to verify your bank details in the rider app.
Please create a ticket through Rider Support within the rider app if you need to update your bank account details.

Will I still receive the Service Fee Summary?

No, your service fee records will be kept in the Payment Tab. The transaction record of the wallet will be kept in the wallet. All records will be kept for 30 days for your reference.

How do I know whether my bank details are accurate?

You can now check your bank details in the rider app within “My Profile”. Make sure the “Bank Name” field is the designated bank where you would like to receive your service fees, and, most importantly, make sure the IBAN field (bank account number) is correct!

How do I update my bank details?

If you would like to update your bank details, If you need to update your bank details, please fill in this form (, choose the option “I need to update my personal information”. We will be processing all requests as soon as possible.

What does the wallet balance mean?

The wallet balance is basically made up of the service fee and COD amounts of an order conducted by you. Cashing out the balance to your bank account and returning COD to the company will also affect your wallet balance.

How long does it take for the fees to be transferred to my bank account?

Immediately! Upon clicking the “Cash Out” button, you will receive your service fees instantly in your bank account as soon as the request is accepted!

Can I decide the cash out amount?

No, you can only cash out the existing balance of the wallet.

Do I still need to return COD?

Yes, if your wallet balance is negative, it means that you have collected more COD from customers than service fees. You are encouraged to return COD after your shift if the balance is negative. If your wallet balance is negative for four consecutive days, your account will be suspended by the system.



如果你的註冊的銀行戶口記錄不正確,你將無法成功提取服務費到你的銀行戶口。請於rider app的個人資料內查看銀行戶口記錄。如需更改銀行戶口,請於rider app支援提交問題。


如COD訂單金額有更改,你可以先查看送遞指引,再送遞予客人,並在按下「送達訂單」前,修改「COD金額」成你實際收到的金額 。系統在收到報告後,將於錢包內建立一個「問題」,我們將逐一檢查「問題」。當「問題」被審批後,該款項將會被加至你的錢包。


不會。你的服務費將會被記錄在rider app的收入頁面,錢包的收支明細則會被記錄於rider app的錢包頁面,所有記錄會被保留30日以供你查閱。


你可於rider app的「我的檔案」頁面查看你的銀行帳戶資料。請核對銀行名稱為你期望收到服務費的銀行,及銀行帳號(分行編號+戶口號碼) (IBAN)正確無誤。




錢包結餘由你所成功完成的訂單服務費和COD現金單的金額而組成。 提取錢包結餘到你的銀行户口和歸還COD也會影響你錢包內的結餘。


當你按下"提取",系統會立刻處理要求 如提取要求被接納後服務費將會立即轉至在你的銀行户口!




需要,當你的錢包結餘為負數 則表示你所收取的COD現金單高於你的服務費結額。我們建議你於每天更份完結後歸還當天收到的COD現金。如你的錢包結餘連續 4天維持負數 你的户口可能會被系統封鎖。