We are continuously looking for different ways to partner with our vendors in order to attract more customers, while offering the most attractive payment terms for our fleet. Therefore, starting on February 22, 2021 (Monday), we will be launching a cross-zone delivery trial.

What is cross-zone delivery?

We refer to deliveries where Pick-Up is in zone A and Drop-Off is in zone B as “cross-zone”. We will start this off with delivery orders from Central to Kennedy Town.

Why is this good to the fleet? 

Thanks to cross-zone delivery, customers will have a wider selection of vendors to choose from, and therefore we will achieve an even greater number of orders, which will translate into increased earnings for our couriers.


Moreover, thanks to our dynamic service fees set-up, the more you travel, the higher service fee you’ll earn. Together with a lower idle time, cross-zone delivery creates the opportunity for higher earnings for our fleet.


Not only will our customers have more options available, our fleet will also benefit - a win-win situation!

What should I pay attention to?

After completing a cross-zone order, you will need to return to your original zone for the next order. For example, if you have a Central shift, after picking up an order in Central and delivering it to the customer in Kennedy Town, you will need to return to Central in order to receive a new order. 


Don’t worry - the service fee shown on the Acceptance Screen already includes this return trip! 

However, remember that we give self-employed couriers the flexibility to decide which orders to deliver. As always, upon notification of a new order, take a look at the drop-off point to decide whether you want to accept or decline it.

Frequently asked questions 常見問題


Will I receive a new order after I drop an order off in another zone?

You will first need to return to your original zone to receive a new order.

Will I be put on break if I go outside of my original zone?

No, for cross-zone delivery, you will not be put on break when you are outside your original zone.

How much will I earn for delivering cross-zone orders?

Referring to our Self-employed Fleet Scheme, multiple factors are taken into consideration for your service fees calculation. One of the key factors is distance - the more you travel, the more you earn.

Will my Acceptance Rate (AR) be affected if I decline a cross-zone delivery?

Declining a cross-zone order will affect your Acceptance Rate the same way declining any other order does.

I am an employed courier, will I receive cross-zone orders?

Yes, employed couriers can also receive cross-zone orders. Remember that as an employed courier, you are expected to deliver every order assigned to you.