foodpanda has been constantly listening to our fleet members’ comments and feedback, so we can continue to make improvements to our couriers’ experiences. Part of what makes a good delivery experience is excellent communication with customers and vendors, creating a more comprehensive and satisfying delivery community. 


We understand that there are situations where couriers may find themselves confused and unsure with what they are supposed to do. Therefore, we have collected your feedback and consolidated them into interaction guidelines, which you can refer to when you encounter the below scenarios. We are constantly reviewing these interaction guidelines, and are welcome to receive more feedback from you so they can be even more comprehensive. 


With the below guidelines, as well as your valuable input, we believe we can continue to provide a pleasant delivery environment for everyone. 

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We have newly created a Vendor Form for couriers to report any vendor-related issues, please find the link here: https://3gyqyl4mgwy.typeform.com/to/sqXDKaLS