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Identity Verification

To offer you an extra layer of protection, the following security feature is added to the rider app.


When a new device is used to log in to your account, the app will require you to take a selfie. In order to successfully log in to your account from a new device, please follow the steps below:

selfie step 1.png

​1. Open rider app and fill in the credentials to your account

selfie 2.png

2. You should see this system message requesting you to take a selfie to proceed. Press the button “Start the camera” to take a selfie.

draft (38).png

3. Take a selfie using your phone camera

selfie 4.png

4. You will see the selfie you took in this page and you can choose to upload the selfie by clicking “Confirm identity" and log in to the account or retake the photo.

Photos collected will be used for internal verification, and for more detail please read through our Privacy Policy.​

Thanks to this feature we will be able to verify that the rider app is being used by the account owner.

Click the following button to know more details of Dos and Don'ts.

Payment related features

On-demand Payout

With ”On-demand Payout” function, the earned service fees (positive amount) and COD amount (negative amount) you receive from shifts will be reflected immediately in your rider app balance.


Click to learn how it works and related reminders.

Delivery Screens

After accepting an order, there are three delivery screens in the rider app (this (this update is currently available for all couriers who are using android devices at the moment) : 


1. “On The Way to Vendor" screen 

2. “On The Way To Customer” screen 

3. “On the way to Return” screen

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For iOS users, don’t worry, the new design and features will also be coming to iOS devices soon and we will keep you all updated, stay tuned!