To protect our couriers in any cases of dispute and to better improve our customer experience, we have rolled out a new feature to ensure that an order is actually delivered to the customer before you click the “dropped off” button. 


From 01/02/2021 onwards, couriers will have to take a photo of the order at the drop-off location as a proof of delivery. A few reminders:


  1. You cannot upload photos from your album. The photo must be taken on the spot.

  2. The uploaded photo must clearly show the order at the drop-off location, for example, the order and the unit number.

  3. In case you have handed out the order, you can take a picture of the location with identifiable elements, for example an official document posted inside a lift. 


Please follow the step by step guide in Roadrunner to successfully upload proof of delivery and confirm drop off.

  • Drop off at residential areas

    • A picture of the order being placed at the customer’s designated location, with 1) clear order code and
      2) unit number of the customer

  • Drop off at commercial areas

    • A picture of the order being placed at the customer’s designated location, with 1) clear order code and 2) identifiable signs of location

Tip of the day (29).png
  • A picture of an official document posted inside a lift

Steps to follow

  1. Press “Take a photo” icon in rider app and proceed with taking picture the official document posted inside a lift 

  2. After exiting the lift and successfully taking a valid proof of delivery

  3. Wait for stable internet connectivity 

  4. Upload the proof and drop-off

  5. Continue with next delivery procedure

  • Blank pictures  

  • Blurry pictures 

  • Holding the order on a random street

  • Taking picture of the product/items inside the packaging only

  • Other unidentifiable scenarios

If the customer clearly objects to taking the photo, please stop taking the photo and reach out to the Rider Service Team.


In addition, if we receive any customer complaints regarding invasion of privacy beyond our instructions, e.g. taking pictures of the inside of a customer’s unit/their face/or other personal information, we will take the strictest action.



Encountering technical issues when uploading pictures

To solve this issue, please take a picture within the rider app and only upload the picture when you arrive at a location with a smoother connection (e.g. lobby).

In case of contactless delivery, you are requested to leave the order away from customers' doorstep (e.g. lobby)

In this case, we understand that you might not be able to show the flat number or official document in the elevator. However please make sure to capture the order code in your proof of delivery picture at the designated drop-off spot before indicating "dropped off“.

When you are not notified of uploading a Proof of Delivery before picking up and therefore unable to provide a valid Proof of Delivery picture.

Please note that we now accept the picture of the official document in an elevator as a valid Proof of Delivery. Therefore, if you have already handed the order over to the customer, please take a picture of the official document in the elevator (refer to the steps in the above section). For drop off locations without elevators, please take a picture of items that are identifiable such as road signs that show the road name of the drop off location.



請於 rider app 内拍照後,到信號較好的地方(例如大堂)上載圖片。



在完成送遞前 rider app 内沒有顯示上傳送遞證明的指示,因此我已將訂單送遞給客人,我該如何提交送遞證明?

請注意我們現在也接受升降機内的正式文件照片為有效的送遞證明。因此如你已將訂單交給客人,請跟從以上步驟提交送遞證明。如送遞地點沒有升降機,請在 rider app 内拍下能夠辨別送遞地點,例如路牌的圖片作爲送遞證明。

Frequently asked questions 常見問題


Why do I need to do this step?

Uploading proof of delivery is to validate order completion. This will help protect you from any disputes, improve our customer satisfaction and overall business performance.

Will I need to upload the proof of delivery for every order?

Not at the moment. Only orders from selected vendors will require proof of delivery. Please refer to Step 1 in the “delivery flow” to see whether proof of delivery is required.

What will be the consequences if my proof of delivery is considered invalid?

Any invalid proof of delivery uploaded will be evaluated case by case, and may be considered as a compliance issue if proven to be invalid or fake. Furthermore, we may conduct disciplinary actions including but not limited to account suspension.

What if the delivery location is a commercial property ( like School, Hospital, Office, Mall and etc), do I need to upload the proof?

Yes, please upload a valid proof of delivery and include order code within the picture if possible ( refer to some examples of different locations below)

What if the order is cancelled?

If you are asked to return cancelled orders, please visit the page for Returned cancelled orders. If the cancelled order is from pandamart, please open the same link and scroll down to see how to take a valid proof of return.











如你需歸還已取消之訂單,請詳閱歸還被取消的訂單。如該取消訂單為 pandamart 訂單,請於該網站向下拉,以獲得更多有關有效證明的資訊。