We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our “Rider Tipping”

feature in our foodpanda app! 


We recognise how hard you all work to provide the best delivery service for our customers and we hope that this new feature will encourage them to reward your strong performance. 


Customers are free to choose the tipping amount they wish to give you before placing an order. Delivery personnel (independent contractors) will be able to see the tip amount together with your order fees within the rider app.

Rider tipping.png

As usual, after a customer places an order, the system will automatically assign it to an appropriate courier in the area. 


The earnings shown on the Acceptance Screen of the rider app will indicate an amount that includes both the service fee and tips (if any).

After completing an order, delivery personnel (independent contractors) will be able to see your tip amount within the payment detail of the Payments tab.

Rider tipping (1).png
Rider tipping (2).png

For COD orders, please follow the normal procedures. Tips (if any) will be paid along with your service fees.

Here are a few reminders about COD cases:


Politely collect the COD amount SHOWN in your rider app from the customer

COD discrepancy EN.png

Report any cash discrepancy by selecting the corresponding reason e.g. damaged items or customer won’t pay


The tip amount (if any) will be recorded in our system and it will be paid along with your service fees.

As always, please reach out to the Rider Service (RS) Team when you need help with live orders.


If an order is split, all couriers involved in the split order will see the total tip amount (if any) and the order fee in their Acceptance Screens.


When the order is successfully completed by all couriers, the tip will then be shared equally among the involved couriers. delivery personnel (independent contractors) will then be able to see their share of the tip and individual order fee in their Payments screen.


Therefore, please expect discrepancies between the amount shown on Acceptance Screen and the amount shown on Payments screen if you are delivering a split order.


Do remember that a professional delivery service can make our customers happy. The happier the customers are, the more probable they will tip on their next purchase! Write us a ticket via Rider Support in the rider app if you need further assistance.

Frequently asked questions 常見問題


Will I receive tips if the order is cancelled?

No. Only tips from successfully delivered orders will be given to couriers. Delivery personnel (independent contractors) can check the order status in the Payments screen after your shifts.