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Why do we have service guidelines?

foodpanda aims to provide an amazing service by delivering food and goods to our customers safely and reliably. Every one of our couriers represents the image of foodpanda while delivering, which is why we have guidelines in place to build a healthy and efficient community, as well as to provide a quality delivery experience for everyone.

​These guidelines were designed to ensure consistency and enhance service quality. Our main objective is to provide all couriers with best-practices and ways of achieving and maintaining outstanding performance, through transparent information and educative reminders, which are continuously reviewed and refined.

Why do we have service guidelines
What happens when there is a breach in service guidelines?



foodpanda will contact couriers with a reminder when their performance is being clearly impacted by high counts of non-compliant behaviours (as detailed below). The idea of this reminder is to inform couriers whose service quality is really far from the average and offer them a chance to improve.




If the reminded issue persists and the courier presents the same non-compliant behaviours, one may be access restricted. This action aims at protecting the overall high standard of the whole fleet and avoiding any break in service levels.


In any situation that requires foodpanda to immediately contact the courier and one does not answer the call after multiple attempts, one might be temporarily suspended until our team is able to reach the courier. In such cases, once the situation is clarified, the suspension shall be lifted immediately.




For some extremely serious cases or repetitive behavior on the same offense(s), after reminding and suspending the courier, foodpanda may potentially take a further action that will lead to the termination of the courier’s account. These decisions are always taken after careful consideration of all information available to foodpanda and take into account the conditions outlined in these guidelines and in the independent contract agreement signed by the courier and foodpanda.


The reasons that may lead to the account termination immediately include, but are not limited to:


  • Breaking any law(s) or committing any criminal offense(s) (e.g. harassment, bullying, violence, disorderly conduct, abusive and intimidating behaviours, and etc.);

  • Forging or falsifying any document(s);

  • Providing misleading information;

  • Failing to verify the identity of the account owner;

  • Sharing the rider app account with other people without previous consent from foodpanda;

  • Being disrespectful to any customer(s), vendor(s) or foodpanda staff;

  • Using a fake GPS application or using multiple devices to fake the GPS location while on shift;

  • Contacting customer(s) privately;

  • Disclosing customer’s private information;

  • Frauding orders or placing unreasonable requests(s);

  • Placing order(s) while on shift; and

  • Cancelling a large number of orders without proper explanation.

By agreeing to provide services to foodpanda, it indicates your agreement to abide by the Service Guidelines. foodpanda reserves any right to withhold all services fees to you, at any time and no liability, if foodpanda discovers any fraudulent activities (whether actual or alleged).


If the system recognizes some unusual and repetitive behavior that is seriously compromising the courier's daily performance, it will automatically put the courier on an automated break for a few minutes. It aims at avoiding a fast deterioration of the courier’s metrics when they are unexpectedly idle or have any emergency that prevents them from going on a break or logging off the app. The reasons that can lead to automated breaks are:

  • Accepting an order, but not moving towards pick up after an extended time

  • No GPS signal after an extended time

  • GPS location discrepancies

  • Excessive self-redispatches in a given hour

  • Missing a few consecutive orders in a given hour

When there is a breach in service guidelines
How to dispute for a case?


Within 5 days after receiving a reminder or access restriction and 14 days after receiving a termination notice, the courier can apply for a case review by following the established dispute procedure:

  1. Access the following link to our Dispute Form:

  2. Fill in the Dispute Form with all the required information

  3. Provide proof, evidence or clear explanation that helps explain the non-compliant behavior.


Our team will individually review each case and respond to it accordingly. Applications that are incomplete or do not have an objective explanation will not be considered, and duplicated applications will not be entertained.

Below you can find the overall guidelines that are expected by the foodpanda community. The list is not exhaustive, and foodpanda consistently monitors and takes actions to guarantee the high quality of the services.

Dispute procedure

Overall Service Guidelines

Overall Guidelines
Overall guidelines

Automated breaks

Automated breaks
Why do we have and what are automated breaks

In order to ensure smooth deliveries and prevent fraudulent activities, we have implemented necessary measures through an automated system. 

When will automated breaks be triggered

The following guideline provides the entire fleet with transparency on the circumstances for different automated breaks and how to avoid the scoring from being affected adversely while maintaining high quality service to our valued customers.

We will keep monitoring the performance of the fleet and  may add, remove or adjust the threshold of the following categories while keeping this guideline updated as well.

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