foodpanda aims to provide an amazing service by delivering food and goods to our customers safely and reliably. Every one of our couriers represents the image of foodpanda while delivering, which is why we have guidelines in place to build a healthy and efficient community, as well as to provide a quality delivery experience for everyone.


​These guidelines were designed to ensure consistency and enhance service quality. Our main objective is to provide all couriers with best-practices and ways of achieving and maintaining outstanding performance, through transparent information and educative reminders, which are continuously reviewed and refined.




foodpanda will contact couriers with a reminder when their performance is being clearly impacted by high counts of non-compliant behaviours (as detailed below). The idea of this reminder is to inform couriers whose service quality is really far from the average and offer them a chance to improve.




If the reminded issue persists and the courier presents the same non-compliant behaviours, one may be suspended. This action aims at protecting the overall high standard of the whole fleet and avoiding any break in service levels.


In any situation that requires foodpanda to immediately contact the courier and one does not answer the call after multiple attempts, one might be temporarily suspended until our team is able to reach the courier. In such cases, once the situation is clarified, the suspension shall be lifted immediately.




For some extremely serious cases or repetitive behavior on the same offense(s), after reminding and suspending the courier, foodpanda may potentially take a further action that will lead to the termination of the courier’s account. These decisions are always taken after careful consideration of all information available to foodpanda and take into account the conditions outlined in these guidelines and in the independent contract agreement signed by the courier and foodpanda.


The reasons that may lead to the account termination immediately include, but are not limited to:


  • Breaking any law(s) or committing any criminal offense(s) (e.g. harassment, bullying, violence, disorderly conduct, abusive and intimidating behaviours, and etc.);

  • Forging or falsifying any document(s);

  • Providing misleading information;

  • Failing to verify the identity of the account owner;

  • Sharing the rider app account with other people;

  • Being disrespectful to any customer(s), vendor(s) or foodpanda staff;

  • Using a fake GPS application while on shift;

  • Contacting customer(s) privately;

  • Disclosing customer’s private information;

  • Frauding orders or placing unreasonable requests(s);

  • Placing order(s) while on shift; and

  • Cancelling a large number of orders without proper explanation.


If the system recognizes some unusual and repetitive behavior that is seriously compromising the courier's daily performance, it will automatically put the courier on an automated break for a few minutes. It aims at avoiding a fast deterioration of the courier’s metrics when they are unexpectedly idle or have any emergency that prevents them from going on a break or logging off the app. The reasons that can lead to automated breaks are:

  • Accepting an order, but not moving towards pick up after an extended time

  • No GPS signal after an extended time

  • GPS location discrepancies

  • Excessive self-redispatches in a given hour

  • Missing a few consecutive orders in a given hour


Within 5 days after receiving any reminder, suspension or account termination, the courier can apply for a case review by following the established dispute procedure:

  1. Access the following link to our Dispute Form: https://3gyqyl4mgwy.typeform.com/to/IREmisVf

  2. Fill in the Dispute Form with all the required information

  3. Provide proof, evidence or clear explanation that helps explain the non-compliant behavior.


Our team will individually review each case and respond to it accordingly. Applications that are incomplete or do not have an objective explanation will not be considered, and duplicated applications will not be entertained.

Below you can find the overall guidelines that are expected by the foodpanda community. The list is not exhaustive, and foodpanda consistently monitors and takes actions to guarantee the high quality of the services.


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If we identify any other inappropriate or dishonest behaviours, they will also be considered as violations of service guidelines and actions will be taken accordingly. These will include but not be limited to account suspension or termination.

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In order to ensure smooth deliveries and prevent fraudulent activities, we have implemented necessary measures through an automated system. 

The following guideline provides the entire fleet with transparency on the circumstances for different automated breaks and how to avoid the scoring from being affected adversely while maintaining high quality service to our valued customers.

We will keep monitoring the performance of the fleet and  may add, remove or adjust the threshold of the following categories  while keeping this guideline updated as well.

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Tips 提示


Clicked-through delivery steps

1) Press the “PICKED UP” bottom only when you have successfully picked up the order at the vendor 2) Press the “COMPLETED” button only after you have delivered to the customer (and collected the money if it is a Cash On Demand order); 3) Always provide a valid picture as Proof of Delivery (details: https://www.pandarider.hk/proof-of-delivery)

Wrong orders

1) Check the order code (xxxx-xxxx) instead of the order number when you pick up the order at the vendor and when you deliver it to the customer
2) Verify the order with the vendor to make sure it is correct when you pick up
3) Make sure the receipt is attached to the order
4) Pay special attention to the order codes when you are delivering stacked orders
5) Always provide a valid Proof Of Delivery (details: https://www.pandarider.hk/proof-of-delivery)

Proof of delivery / return

For details: https://www.pandarider.hk/proof-of-delivery You must follow the delivery steps immediately if the order needs to be returned to the original pick up location after cancellation, and submit a valid proof of return including vendor location with order code.

Order completion rate

You have the flexibility to choose whether to accept or decline an order. Please do not accept an order if you don’t intend to deliver it.

Extreme no show(s)

You should only book shifts that you are able to attend. In case you have any emergencies, please offer swap shifts.

Temporary offline abuse

You should only apply necessary breaks during shifts.

Not using thermal bag

You should always use thermal bags during delivery for hygiene and food safety reasons.

Not following road safety guidelines

You should follow road safety guidelines for your own safety and the safety of other road users. For details: https://www.pandarider.hk/road-safety

Complaints about inappropriate behaviour and attitude towards customers, vendors and office staff

You should:
1) follow proper instructions provided by the vendor staff;
2) maintain good behaviour and attitude; and
3) show respect during interactions with every stakeholder.

Order Spilled

1) You must make sure the orders are packed safely before leaving the vendor and handle them carefully, especially orders with drinks or soups;
2) Always provide a valid POD, For details: https://www.pandarider.hk/proof-of-delivery ; and
3) Kindly create a new ticket and report to us if you find any vendors with poor packaging.

Missing items in orders

You should:
1) check the order code (xxxx-xxxx) instead of order number, both when you pick up the order at the vendor and when you deliver it to the customer;
2) verify the number of bags with the vendor to make sure you picked up all items; and
3) contact the Rider Service team immediately if you need help with large orders.

Abnormal order wait time

You should always deliver the order as soon as it is ready for pick up and follow every delivery step as suggested on the rider app timely.

Delay in returning Cash on Delivery

You should return Cash on Delivery money before your rider app account is automatically suspended by the system. For details: https://www.pandarider.hk/cod-submission

Self order during shift(s)

You must not place delivery orders while being on shifts even if it is your family members who use your account to place orders for themselves.


You should only provide legal and truthful documents and do not manufacture any kinds of documents by yourself on behalf of the company.

Providing misleading information

You should:
1) provide factual and timely information at all times; and
2) Only provide real time picture proof when requested and avoid providing inconsistent information.

Contacting customer(s) privately

Customers’ contact should be used for delivery purposes only. If you need to text the customer, you should be using the Rider Customer chat available in the rider app.

Disclosing customers' personal information

You must keep all customers’ personal information confidential at all times.

Usage of fake GPS while on shift

You must enable accurate GPS function throughout your shifts and make sure your phone is connected to the internet for smooth delivery.

Sharing account / fail to verify identity of account owner

1) You, the registered account owner, should be the ONLY one who operates the account at any time. 2) You, the registered account owner, must provide a clear and visible facial real-time picture to confirm identity when logging in to the rider app. For details: https://www.pandarider.hk/identity-verification

Fraudulent/ unreasonable request(s) of split orders

You should only request an order split when the order is not capable of being delivered by one person and provide a valid picture proof to the Rider Service team via the rider app.

Suspicious order cancellation

1) You should provide factual and timely information at all times. 2) You should always check the order code before picking up any order, do not pick up the order if you are not intended to deliver it

Other suspension(s)

You should always actively inform us for any updates about your personal information, if you wish to continue to provide service.





5)提供有效送遞證明,請詳閱: https://zh.pandarider.hk/proof-of-delivery




2)提供有效送遞證明,請詳閱: https://zh.pandarider.hk/proof-of-delivery


詳閱: https://zh.pandarider.hk/proof-of-delivery










為保障你自己及其他道路使用者的安全,請謹守道路安全指引,詳閱 https://zh.pandarider.hk/road-safety




你應該在系統自動封鎖帳戶前歸還現金訂單的款項。詳閱: https://zh.pandarider.hk/cod-submission














1) 請留意在任何時候帳戶只供登記本人使用。 2) 帳戶登記本人需於登入rider app 時提供清晰可見的實時臉部照片進行身份認證。詳閱: https://zh.pandarider.hk/identity-verification


你只應在訂單無法由一個人送遞時,才要求增加送遞員,並通過rider app程式向送遞員服務部提供有效的圖片證明。


1) 你在任何時候均需要提供實時正確的資訊。 2) 你應該於商戶提取訂單時確認訂單編號,不應提取你未能繼續完成的訂單。